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19 www.PackagingDigest.com SPRING 2016 // TRENDS Q .QYOCKPVGPCPEGEQORWVGTEQPVTQNNGFƂNNKPIVGEJPQNQI[ Q Multiple evacuation for low O 2 pickup Q *[IKGPKEFGUKIPHQTQRVKOWOENGCPKPI Learn more at www.khs.com QTUECPVJG34EQFG 6JG-*5+PPQƂNN)NCUU/KETQ (QTWRVQDQVVNGURGTJQWT $KIHQTUOCNNCPFOGFKWOUK\GFEQORCPKGU packaging with impact "I see lots of impressive designs for vaping product packaging. Te industry is using all of my favorite packaging elements from the high-end consumer packaging segment today—from fnishes like soft- touch to specialist varnishes—to make packaging look glossy," says Essentra's Meredith. "We are also seeing lots of tactile efects, including embossing and debossing, that engage the consumer with a multisensory experience," he adds. "Packaging designs are modern, and they are incorporating trendy elements in other sectors, from patterns to relevant colors, [to] refect the brands they represent." Meredith notes that a less restrictive packaging environment for vaping products, versus tobacco, lets e-cig manufacturers "leverage packaging to make a statement about their brand and use packaging to express points of potential product diferentiation." As an example, "A combination of embossing and high-gloss varnish creates visual and tactile efects that create a feeling of indulgence," he says. "Tese efects can be used throughout the packaging elements, from cartons to labels, to maintain the consistency of the brand and image portrayed." For brand owners with products like bourbon or perfume, this is a time-proven brand/packaging strategy. McGee of HLP Klearfold says "well-designed, beautifully decorated" versions of his company's namesake plastic carton have been used for premium positioning and to elicit a value-added perception in the cosmetics, personal care, consumer electronics, sporting goods and spirits markets. "We see the packaging and merchandizing needs of e-cigarettes as similar." Kate Bertrand Connolly is a seasoned freelance writer based in the San Francisco area covering the packaging, food and technology markets. You can contact her at kate. connolly@sbcglobal.net. Transparent packaging like HLP Klearfold's plastic carton let consumers see the e-cig product or kit in the package before buying, which new e-cig users particularly appreciate. windows, blister cards and other forms of transparent packaging are quite popular among e-cig brand owners.

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