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16 TRENDS // SPRING 2016 www.PackagingDigest.com E-cig packaging: Where there's (no) smoke, there's fire Brand owners appeal to vapers with packaging that educates, elevates and differentiates. Kate Bertrand Connolly, Contributing Writer E-cigarettes, like the tobacco products that preceded them, have their share of critics. But no one can deny the packaging opportunity currently bubbling up in the e-cig market. With mass-market retail joining the internet as a key e-cig sales channel, demand for package designs that draw the eye and convey brand value is strong and getting stronger. Tat trend promises to continue in tandem with e-cig market growth. BIS Research (bisresearch.com) recently predicted that the global e-cig industry will experience compound annual growth of more than 22% between 2015 and 2025, and that e-cigs will reach a market value of $50 billion by 2025. Various factors are driving the boom, with user age playing a role. For late teens, vaping is a trendy social habit; the desire to emulate their peers is encouraging Millennials to use e-cigs and other vaping devices. Among older consumers, some who previously smoked have turned to vaping as a way to get away from tobacco—with its health risks and social stigmatization—while still getting a nicotine fx. For this group, e-cigs that simulate conventional cigarettes (with, for example, an LED on the end that lights up when they inhale) can be attractive. In addition, smokers sometimes turn to e-cigs as a smoking- cessation aid that provides smoking's sensory cues, either with or without nicotine. So what exactly is an e-cigarette? "E-cig products are battery- powered personal vaporizers that mimic the sensation of smoking," says Patrick Meredith, divisional innovations director at Essentra (www.essentra-endtoend.com), a company that manufactures e-cigs and designs packaging for them. He adds that there are various types of products in the category, including single-use disposables, multiuse rechargeable vaping devices and larger tank-based systems. In all cases, a heating element inside the device heats and atomizes a solution called e-liquid, which is contained in a reservoir. Te consumer inhales the vapor from the device's mouthpiece. Vintage's distinctive e-liquid dispensers combine innovative structural design with arresting graphics to position the products as lifestyle accessories.

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