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Page 27 of 35 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News November/December 2015 28 Coding & Marking What Cutri always finds interest- ing is for the role of pharma indus- try e-pedigree mandates over the next five years. Government regulations in various countries require track-and- trace solutions on packaging. These solutions mandate brands to allow for end-to-end tracking of product, from manufacturer to distributor to health clinic or pharmacy, and ultimately to patient. However, Cutri points out that there is nothing mandated for companies to have authentication capabilities to ensure the product is genuine. "So there was a lot of attention to this serialization industry," he says. "What we're seeing now is that some of these mandates have not necessarily come through from what we thought we would see, and now the pendulum has swung back. Pharma companies are very concerned about counterfeit- ing and are now just starting to look at authentication solutions again." There are many companies provid- ing a variety of types of authentica- tion solutions in the brand protection field. Cutri says those solutions can range from providing hidden images, IR or UV taggants, and track-and- trace serialization. Additionally, the solutions can incorporate the standard smart phone camera for scanning QR or 2-D Matrix codes on medicine bottles. Some covert solutions offer holographic capabilities that provide "semi covert and overt" solutions for authentication. "And then all the way to other more interesting technologies for covert and ultra covert capabilities," Cutri says. "In the covert marking space, which is where Kodak has gained traction, we provide a forensically undetectable solution." The Kodak Brand Protection Solu- tions include the Traceless system, a family of products that can be used as one phase of a comprehensive end- to-end authentication and the track- ing system, to incorporate unique, serialized, and invisible marks onto packaging. "It really runs the gamut," Cutri says. "There's a variety of solutions for pharma brand owners. Some have been around for a long time and counterfeiters know about them, and then there's newer, robust technol- ogy that changes the scope of brand protection." Kodak's advanced ultra-covert marking system is the result of invest- ment in this leading technology that was developed over many years. Cutri says that if you're a brand and want to deploy Kodak's authentication tech- nology, you want to be able to identify real and fake product quickly in the field and ensure that the counterfeit- ers cannot detect your authentication markers. With a combined serialization tracking solution, distributors as well as healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and patients can be incentivized— through marketing efforts—to scan the product as part of channel incen- tive or loyalty program, such as a dis- counts on future purchases or points accumulated. "You're putting marks on paper," he says. "It's an overt marker with something as simple as a QR code. By scanning this code, you're get- ting a lot of information, such as GPS location, serial number, and poten- tially the identity of who's scanning depending on what's opened in the app. In addition, brands can receive information on whether the code is bogus, replicated, or unauthorized, as well as whether the product is being scanned in the correct distri- bution geography, all of which pro- vides valuable information to initiate anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion investigations." Kodak has developed some technol- ogy in this space that allows interaction with layered authentication capabilities embedded in the packaging and label- ing itself, Cutri says. "We can embed ultra covert invis- ible markings into codes that can be revealed with specialized handheld readers from Kodak," he says. "Coun- terfeiters can knock of standard overt codes, that's true, but if the codes contain invisible markers, they cannot reproduce the marker system you have within the overt code." In addition to the marking and tracking solutions, Kodak also provides a five-point consultative approach in its brand protection methodology, to include assess, design, protect, moni- tor, and enforce. Within this approach, Kodak offers four services to brand protection clients: Assessment and Advisory Services, Forensic Product Analysis Services, Prototype Develop- ment Services, and Implementation Services. Within the Forensic Prod- uct Analysis Service, Kodak Scientists can examine and validate the integ- rity of security features and markers for a product or package, and report back with a risk assessment, determin- ing whether counterfeiters will likely uncover the brand protection features and have the ability to copy them. 0 One of Kodak's brand protection solutions. A Kodak Traceless system scans a package.

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