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25 November/December 2015 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • increase labeling space. Using uncoated lidding along with TEQconnex offers better printability and ink adhesion when compared with a coated lid stock when printing on the interior of the package, says Rosenburg. When asked whether there was any concerns about print- ing on the inside of a package, which could come into contact with the medi- cal device, Rosenburg says that MDMs should use an ink vendor that ofers inks for medical use. "We've been printing on the inside of chevron pouches for years," says Rosenburg. He doesn't advise print- ing in the areas to be heat sealed, because sealing could distort the printing. TEQconnex has been through EtO and gamma sterilization testing as well as biocompatibility testing according to ISO 11607-1:2006(R) 2010 by Spartan Design Group. "Shorter EtO steriliza- tion cycles for the complete system" are possible, TEQ reports. McDonald doesn't anticipate any significant changes to the sealing process windows for temperature, dwell time, or pressure. "We have found the sealing parameters to be very similar, but recommend that each application is optimized to produce the best seal," he says. "The use of Belco Packaging heat-seal equipment and lid- ding from Technipaq help us to ensure success for our customers." Misik says that TEQconnex runs "similarly to a normal zone-coated lid. We ran our samples at slightly higher temperatures, just around 15 to 20 degrees higher," he says. 0 Content Licensing for Every Marketing Strategy Marketing solutions ft for: t Outdoor t Direct Mail t Print Advertising t Tradeshow/POP Displays t Social Media t Radio & Television Logo Licensing | Reprints | Eprints | Plaques For more information, call Wright's Media at 877.652.5295 or visit our website at Leverage branded content from Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News to create a more powerful and sophisticated statement about your product, service, or company in your next marketing campaign. Contact Wright's Media to fnd out more about how we can customize your acknowledgements and recognitions to enhance your marketing strategies.

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