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Medical Product Manufacturing News, November/December 2015

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q m e d . c o m / m p m n M e d i c a l P r o d u c t M a n u f a c t u r i n g n e w s n o v e M b e r / d e c e M b e r 2 0 1 5 9 Product Preview BIomedevice san Jose 2015 product development Services benchmark electronics is an fda-registered contract manufacturer of class ii and class iii medical products and is the manufacturer of record for many fnal devices. the frm offers a full range of services, including comprehensive product design and engineering capabilities. the company provides turn-key solutions for global customers. its engineering services offerings span from concept through detailed design. the frm also assists with the development of new products. founded in 1986, the company has a global footprint of iso-certifed facilities. it offers everything from product development to regional Pcb build, including system level assembly, and sourcing at competitive prices in the united states, Mexico, europe, and asia. the company has a list of iso certifcations including iso 9001 , iso 14001, and iso 13485. ■ Benchmark electronics angleton, tX Booth #734 Toll Free: 1.800.295.8505 | Phone: 1.949.521.0402 (PDLORHPLQIR#WHOHÁH[FRP :HEVLWHZZZWHOHÁH[PHGLFDORHPFRP WORK BALLOON EXPERTS WITH THE 7KHUHDUHEDOORRQPDQXIDFWXUHUV7KHQWKHUHLV 7HOHÁH[0HGLFDO2(0ZLWKFRQFHSWWRFRPSOHWLRQ FDSDELOLWLHVGHHSDFURVVDSSOLFDWLRQH[SHUWLVH DQGDEDOORRQWHDPZLWK\HDUVRIH[SHULHQFH :KDWHYHU\RXUPHGLFDOEDOORRQQHHGVZHDUHKHUH WRKHOS\RXVXFFHHG/HW·VJHWWRZRUNRQ\RXUSURMHFW THOHÁH[0HGLFDO2(0LVWKHH[SHULHQFHGYHUWLFDOO\LQWHJUDWHG LQQRYDWLYHJOREDOSURYLGHURIVWDQGDUGDQGFXVWRPPHGLFDOEDOORRQV • The single source resource for non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant medical balloons. • Specializing in balloons for a range of minimally invasive procedures, including PTCA and PTA. • Your choice: Standard balloon products or custom EDOORRQVHQJLQHHUHGWR\RXUVSHFLÀFDWLRQV • Our balloon experts will work closely with you during each stage of development and production to save time, save money, and get you to market quickly. • Vertically integrated capabilities from concept development to prototyping to all stages of manufacturing. 7HOHÁH[,QFRUSRUDWHG$OOULJKWVUHVHUYHG7HOHÁH[LVDUHJLVWHUHGWUDGHPDUN DQG´:RUNZLWKWKH%DOORRQ([SHUWVµLVDWUDGHPDUNRI7HOHÁH[,QFRUSRUDWHG Tubing extrusion specialist Zeus has developed fluoroPeelZ peelable heat shrink. fluoroPeelZ is designed to increase yield and improve safety. reportedly offering the highest optical clarity on the market, fluoroPeelZ is formulated to improve effciencies and workplace safety by allowing operators to visually inspect construction during the refow process. large medical device customers using fluoroPeelZ report reduced downstream processing, increased yield, and minimal scrap. the company holds quality certifcates including iso 9001:2008 and iso 13485:2003. ■ Zeus orangeburg, sc Booth #520 precision Tubing the extrusion company HtP-Meds llc specializes in the development and manufacture of tubing for medical device applications. the iso 13485:2003–certifed company can design tooling, cut the tooling in an in-house machine shop with computer numerically controlled equipment, extrude the tube, and make necessary follow-up adjustments. the manufacturer can provide two- to four-layer thermoplastic coextrusions, microextrusions, large-diameter tubing, taper, and bump tubing, multilumen tubing, and profles. secondary operations available are radio-frequency tipping and bonding, pad printing, hole drilling, and skiving. it is certifed to s iso 13485:2003. ■ HTp-meds LLc asHaway, ri Booth #512

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