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q m e d . c o m / m p m n M e d i c a l P r o d u c t M a n u f a c t u r i n g n e w s n o v e M b e r / d e c e M b e r 2 0 1 5 1 9 to assist medical companies with sterility challenges. services offered include gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide, and electron beam sterilization. the company also offers consulting services. fully accredited and iso certifed, its labs provide a full range of microbiological and analytical testing and validation services to optimize sterilization processing.. ■ Sterigenics oaK brooK, il Booth #1210 Silicone Injection molding Proto labs inc. has introduced medical-grade liquid silicone rubber (lsr) material to its quick-turn injection molding capabilities. the rapid manufacturing company now offers dow corning QP1-250 moldable silicone in addition to its standard and optical-grade lsr materials. Medical- grade lsr is a low-viscosity thermoset material particularly well-suited for medical applications. Proto labs can manufacture 25 to 5000+ parts in one to 15 days. Parts created in lsr are strong and elastic, with excellent thermal, chemical, and electrical resistance. they maintain their physical properties at extreme temperatures and withstand sterilization. lsr is biocompatible, so it is frequently used in products that require skin contact. as a result, moldable silicone lends itself to surgical and dental applications, consumer health care products and other components that have human contact. Proto labs will be at bioMedevice san Jose discussing medical-grade lsr along with new enhancements to its cnc machining and 3-d printing services that are helping to advance medical device development. ■ proto Labs MaPle Plain, Mn Booth #712 Silicone production specialty silicone fabricators is a manufacturer serving the medical device and pharmaceutical markets for more than 30 years. its patented processes and expertise in areas such as geotrans extrusion, micro-molding, thin flm membranes, and coating technologies are applicable to drug eluting combination products. ssf specializes in the custom fabrication of silicone elastomer components through silicone extrusion, and molding and sheeting for medical applications. the company offers full product design and manufacturing services, from prototype and testing, to production, assembly, packaging, and shipping. ■ Specialty Silicone Fabricators Paso robles, ca Booth #1106 micromolding the company Mtd Micro Molding has long specialized in making miniature parts. founded in 1972, the frm cut its teeth making miniature connector molds for electronics applications, eventually shifting its focus to meet the unique needs of the medtech industry. originally known as Miniature tool & die, the company was founded in a brick building in worcester, Ma, originally making the miniature tools and dies that were its namesake. after its move to a newly built facility in charlton, it gradually started doing more micromolding in its facility until it reached the point that 80% of its business came from that. in 2010, it changed its name to Mtd Micro Molding to refect the shift. now, 100% of its business comes from the medical device industry, and it continues to push the limits in terms of the dimensions of the parts it molds. from late 2010 to 2012, Mtd Micro Molding successfully molded an eva ophthalmic part that weighs in at 0.00000313 g. the product is an ophthalmic implant for glaucoma treatment. the company reports that making such a small part the use of required sarix technology, which enabled the precise gate needed for such a tiny part to be formed. the gate measured 0.0018 x 0.0008 in. even at 100x, the part is hardly visible. the company is certifed to iso 9001: 2008 and operates class 100,000 cleanrooms. ■ mTd micro molding cHarlton, Ma Booth #843 +1.603.924.4300 • 327 JAFFREY RD • PETERBOROUGH, NH 03458 • USA Scan with your SmartPhone SINGLE AND MULTI-LUMEN TUBING BUMP TUBING • CO-EXTRUSIONS MICRO-EXTRUSIONS • PROFILE EXTRUSIONS SOLID CORE GUIDE WIRE COATING TRI-EXTRUSIONS • MULTI-LAYERED EXTRUSIONS FULLY ENCAPSULATED STRIPES OVER-EXTRUSIONS • BALLOON TUBING INTERMITTENT EXTRUSIONS • NEW CONCEPTS FOR OVER 25 YEARS, medical device companies the world over have turned to Microspec for medical tubing that challenges the limits of extrusion technology. Microspec extrudes most thermoplastic elastomers and engineering resins, as well as fluoropolymers including FEP, and custom compounds. Contact Microspec with your extrusion challenge Ñ weÕll create a solution. redefining the limits of extrusion technology... ISO 9001:2008 medical extrusions See us at BIOMEDevice San Jose, Booth #813

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