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M e d i c a l P r o d u c t M a n u f a c t u r i n g n e w s q m e d . c o m / m p m n 1 8 n o v e M b e r / d e c e M b e r 2 0 1 5 BIomedevice san Jose Force Sensors flexiforce force sensors from tekscan can measure the force between almost any two surfaces. they are durable enough to stand up to most environments. the company has announced the release of their latest sensor offering, the flexiforce a101 force sensor shown here. this latest addition to the standard force sensor line is their smallest standard sensor yet and is available for sale at their online store. it was created with the oeM design engineer in mind, for applications where size and cost are considerations. all of the company's sensors are available off-the-shelf for prototyping or can be customized to meet the specif c needs of your product design and application requirements. as a result of their form factor, which is thin, f exible, and lightweight, flexiforce sensors are suited for oeM product integration in applications where force feedback is required. these characteristics, as well as their low power requirements, make them suited for product designs where size and portability are important. the sensors can be used for an array of medical applications ranging from robotic surgery and drug delivery systems to orthopedics and physical therapy devices. ■ Tekscan boston, Ma Booth #312 contract manufacturing founded in 1981, surgical technologies inc. (sti) offers medical device companies assistance with the entire manufacturing process, from the initial contact to the f nal processing of products. the company provides process development services and assembly. it offers processing in class 10,000 cleanrooms. the f rm can create custom package designs or modify existing designs to meet unique packaging needs. it offers several packing services including custom kit and tray wrapping, bag, and pouch f ll and seal, blister pack and medical tray sealing, as well as powder f lling. sti also offers a range of sterilization processes and testing services custom tailored to customer's specif c needs. these service offerings include sterilization protocol development and validation, eto sterilization, gamma sterilization, e-beam sterilization, and release testing. ■ Surgical Technologies Inc. st. Paul, Mn Booth #308 male Luer Lock connector Qosina has announced the addition of a breakable male luer lock connector (#11759). a clear polycarbonate body and tip allows for a transparent view of f uid. the connector is e-beam, eto, and gamma sterilization compatible, with a 0.262 inch (6.65 mm) od port. breakable male luer lock connectors isolate media in a bag port until needed, eliminating the use of spikes or needles. when snapped, the break- off tip f oats to the top of a bag, identifying separation and permitting f ow. the company offers a selection of connectors, bags, and tubing along with a variety of single-use components for immediate delivery from its extensive inventory. the f rm is a worldwide supplier of thousands of stock oeM disposable components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries including connectors, luers, clamps, adapters, clips, valves, needle hubs, stopcocks, hemostasis valves, tuohy borst adapters, swabs, and spikes. ■ qosina corp. ronKonKoMa, ny www. Booth #620 Silicone contract manucturing sil-Pro Medical Manufacturing solutions is a contract manufacturer specializing in the design and development, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging of silicone and thermoplastic medical devices and medical components in cleanroom conditions. the company leverages its expertise across a broad spectrum of medical contract manufacturing services. it offers customers superior quality standards, material performance, design for manufacturability, and supply chain management. ■ Sil-pro medical manufacturing Solutions delano, Mn Booth #1028 medical device cleaners alconox inc. manufactures a line of critical cleaners for class i, ii, and iii medical devices. the company's cleaning experts offer cleaning validation and technical support. lot-specif c coa, technical bulletins, and sds are downloadable from the company's website. it sells cgMP-compliant brands through distributors in more than 40 countries. for manual cleaning in medical device manufacturing, it provides a spectrum of emulsifying detergents for several different applications. tergazyme enzyme-active Powdered detergent combines an emulsif er with proteolytic enzymes for removal of proteinaceous residue and bodily f uids in applications including medical device reprocessing sonication and manual cleaning. ■ Alconox wHite Plains, ny Booth #930 components, extrusion, and Finished devices freudenberg Medical specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of medical device technologies. its comprehensive technical capabilities range from the design and manufacture of minimally invasive, catheter, and handheld technology to the development and production of medical components using complex materials and processes. it manufactures high-precision silicone and thermoplastic components and tubing as well as metal hypotubes. freudenberg Medical is a division of the freudenberg group, a 166-year- old global technology group for more than 30 market segments worldwide. it works to ensure that its project are supported a range of global resources. ■ Freudenberg medical carPinteria, ca, Booth #1120 Sterilization Services for more than 50 years, sterigenics has offered various technologies TWICE THE FLOW MINIMAL PULSATION KNF Neuberger, Inc. 609-890-8600 Compact KNF Boxer-type diaphragm liquid pumps feature two pump heads driven by one motor. The alternating pump head operation results in smooth, level fl ow – important for systems sensitive to pulsation. In individual mode, two different liquids can be transferred simultaneously, eliminating the need for a second pump. Both modes offer cost-savings potential. The KNF Boxer line of pumps deliver volumes from 5 mL/min to 1.3 L/min per head. Q Compact design Q Chemically resistant Q Adjustable fl ow rate Q Long, maintenance-free lifetime Watch your next project fl ow with KNF. Learn more at New Low-Flow Versions See us at BIOMEDevice San Jose, Booth #113

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