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BIomedevice san Jose M e d i c a l P r o d u c t M a n u f a c t u r i n g n e w s q m e d . c o m / m p m n 1 2 n o v e M b e r / d e c e M b e r 2 0 1 5 Tapes for Wearables and other Applications a fabricator of adhesive tapes and fexible materials, MbK tape solutions designs and manufactures adhesive tapes and components for use with wearable sensor devices that monitor glucose, blood pressure, bodily fuids, and cardiac activity rate. it specializes in converting medical-grade adhesives, tapes, flms, foams, and fabrics and can help design systems. its capabilities include die-cutting, multilayer laminating, printing, and cleanroom manufacturing. the use of medical-grade acrylic, silicone, rubber, and hydrocolloid and hydrogel adhesives, including pattern-coat adhesives, ensures that the tapes exhibit biocompatibility, conformability, breathability, absorbency, porosity, and durability. ■ mBK Tape Solutions cHatswortH, ca Booth #316 diaphragm pumps the newly expanded line of compact Knf boxer diaphragm pumps features an effcient two-heads-one- motor confguration. the alternating head operation results in smooth, level fow, reducing the need for additional dampening components A c c u m u l a t e d v a l v e k n o w l e d g e . M i n i v a l v e I n t e r n a t i o n a l d e v e l o p s a n d m a n u f a c t u re s s t a n d a rd , s e l f - a c t u a t i n g v a l v e s a n d e l a s t o m e r i c v a l v e c o m p o n e n t s f o r l i q u i d s a n d g a s s e s . P a r t i c u l a r l y o n e - w a y v a l v e s , p r e s s u r e r e l i e f v a l v e s , d i s p e n s i n g v a l v e s a n d a c c e s s v a l v e s . medical devices needles and probes Unimed SA Lausanne, Switzerland phone +41 21 624 21 51 fax +41 21 624 53 32 e-mail: for systems sensitive to pulsation. in an alternative mode, two different liquids are transferred simultaneously, eliminating the need for a second pump. both modes offer cost-saving potential. these pumps deliver volumes from 5 ml to 1.3 l/min per head. equipped with a speed- adjustable brushless dc motor, fow rates can be fne-tuned to system parameters for quicker design integration and optimized pump performance. the compact design provides installation fexibility. these diaphragm pumps are also self- priming and can safely run dry, do not shed abrasion particles, and are available with chemically-resistant fow path materials. ■ KnF neuberger trenton, nJ Booth #113 Laser micromachining Micromachining of medical device and diagnostic products often requires fabrication of multiple features on multiple surfaces of a single component. in order to present the work piece to the ablating laser beam, the part must be rotated and translated several times with high precision. even for small parts this typically results in a cumbersome tooling design and a complicated motion system, adding to the mass needed to be moved. such high-inertia systems cannot move fast and this results in throughput loss and higher manufacturing costs. the u.s. Patent offce recently granted resonetics a new patent (us 9,132,585) for its laser machining system and method for machining three-dimensional objects from a plurality of directions. the patent addresses the challenge of switching quickly from one location on the work piece to another by moving the laser beam instead of rotating the work piece. this beam movement can be enhanced by using small galvo- driven mirrors in the path of the beam. this method replaces the costly scan lens with an inexpensive set of simple lenses. ■ Resonetics nasHua, nH Booth #634 Solenoid Valves the lee co. manufactures miniature fuid control components for automated liquid handling in medical and scientifc instrumentation, analytical/clinical chemistry, and medical disposable applications. Products include two- and three-way solenoid valves, latching solenoid valves, high-speed micro-dispense valves, nozzles, press-in check valves, calibrated fow restrictors, fxed, and variable volume dispense pumps, and custom manifold systems. the company's compact High density interface (Hdi) solenoid valve is shown above. now available in magnetically latched and non- latched designs, this 2-port normally closed valve is small in size, light weight, and reportedly offers consistent performance throughout its life. both designs are offered in plug-in and face mount styles. the company's ultra miniature 2-port normally closed solenoid valve reportedly offers similar performance characteristics to traditional 3-port Hdi design, but in a smaller package ■ The Lee co. westbrooK, ct Booth #633 eto Sterilization andersen specializes in eto sterilization that employs a unit dose inside a fexible plastic chamber. the cabinet holds the space around the fexible chamber below room pressure and removes eto that enters the cabinet where it is exhausted out. anprolene, a tabletop sterilizer, is designed to offer a low price point, eogas offers speed, and eogas 4 features an operating time of four hours or less. the cycle is gentle and does not use steam injection or a deep vacuum. offering simple installation, the device is offered with optional abatement equipment. other services and product offerings include operator training and sterilization accessories. a one year warranty for the company's products is also offered. ■ Andersen products Inc. Haw river, nc Booth #1221 Laser marking Systems the fibercube industrial laser marking

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