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The Source book | 2015 emdt.co.uk 60 Specialty coating Systems (ScS) is the world leader in Parylene coating services and technologies with over 40 years of application and coating experience and 11 locations around the world, including 5 in the Americas, 3 in europe and 2 in Asia. Parylene is a biocompatible conformal coating that is applied to devices and components using vapor deposition technology. This unique method allows Parylene to truly conform to the profile of even the smallest and most intricate medical devices. It is typically applied in micron-level thicknesses and offers excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier protection, in addition to a low coefficient of friction. Parylene is an ideal surface treatment to protect numerous medical devices, components and implants, including stents, pacemakers, electrosurgical tools, catheters, needles, intraocular and cochlear implants, elastomeric components and the latest in ingestible diagnostic electronic devices, to name only a few. recently introduced, ScS microreSIST® Antimicrobial Parylene Technology combines the benefits of biocompatible Parylene with antimicrobial properties to successfully eliminate harmful microorganisms. Tested per JIS Z 2801, microreSIST has demonstrated greater than Log 5 reduction on 14 of the most common microorganisms. It has also demonstrated 7 and 15 day kill effectiveness (greater than Log 5) on e. coli. ScS maintains FDA Device and Drug Master Files that contain ISo 10993 biocompatibility test data. Files are available for reference access, upon request, by ScS commercial coating service customers. For more information on biocompatible ScS Parylene coatings, including new microreSIST Antimicrobial Parylene Technology, contact ScS. Specialty Coating Systems World Headquarters 7645 Woodland Drive. Indianapolis, IN 46278 Tel: 317-244-1200 Fax: 317-240-2739 European Headquarters kingswey business Park Forsyth road, Sheerwater, Woking Surrey, Gu21 5SA united kingdom Tel: +44.1483.541000 Ireland: +353.1842.2344 Czech Republic: +420.371.372.150 www.scscoatings.com Specialty Coating Systems

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