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QOS5401086SN Dual Check Valve MLL Outlet Port FLS Tubing Inlet Port FLL Control Port 11608 Guide Wire J Straightener 97339 One-Handed Torquer 99772 4-Way Stopcock 2 FLL Rotating MLL 80327 Double Hemostasis Valve Y Connector Large Caps Rotating MLL FLL Sideport 90402 Closed MLL Valve Connector 91042 Needleless Injection Site FLL, MLL 80084 Check Valve FLL Inlet, MLL Outlet 97337 Inline Flow Control Switch FLL Inlet, MLL Outlet Open Position Permits Bi-Directional Flow Slides to Open or Close Closed 65308 Vented ML Cap 11301 Vented Dust Cap 80141 T Pressure Relief Valve 28217 Hydrophilic Filter FLL Inlet MLS Outlet 99724 1-Way Stopcock FLL, ML Spin Lock 28203 Hydrophobic Filter FLL Inlet MLS Outlet 80171 Needleless Injection Site Swabbable T-Port 80369 Tuohy Borst Adapter Flat Cap MLL Connector with Spin Lock 13148 Large-Bore Male Connector 13149 Large-Bore Female Connector 90403 Needleless One-Way Sampling Valve Swabbable FLL, MLL 11340 Vented Dust Cap 90237 ML Connector Spin Lock Reduce time to market with stock components from Qosina Visit qosina.com to see over 5000 stock components, place orders and request a catalog. +1 631-242-3000 info@qosina.com 2002-Q Orville Drive North, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 qosina.com All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners

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