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8 FALL 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com resources View these videos, white papers and products online Ovenable lidding films boost convenience of ready-to-heat foods Launched in March 2015, LumiLid polyester lidding flms from Toray Plastics (America) Inc. provide a peelable, removable top or lid to trays of ready-to-heat entrees and side dishes. However, consumers can conveniently heat foods in a microwave or conventional oven without having to frst remove the lid on trays. In this succinct Q&A article, Vincent Sharps, senior director of new business development at Toray, explains the benefts of these new lidding flms and talks about future trends. pdlinks.com/LumiLid Food packaging adhesives are resealable and convenient Tis 2.5-minute video introduces M-Resin Adhesives from Bostik Inc., which work with blown and cast extrusion flms to provide a pressure-sensitive resealable feature on food packages. Tese taste- and odor-neutral materials are integral to the flm's structure so there are no secondary operations needed on a packaging line to add the reseal functionality, minimizing production steps, cost and time. pdlinks.com/Mresins High-speed video helps you troubleshoot packaging lines One-minute clip introduces you to the TroublePix high-speed camera from NorPix Inc., which helps identify the root cause of downtime and other irregularities on the packaging line. An incidence triggers the system to save the recorded high-speed video before and after the event for subsequent inspection. By watching the event frame by frame, you can see exactly what's happening so you can fx the problem. pdlinks.com/TroublePix Robotic case packer flexibly handles flexible packs Te versatile BantamPro L top-load case packer from Brenton places—the same or diferent— fexible packages such as bags/pouches, fow- wrapped packs and tubes into cases or trays in a variety of patterns. Te low-cost system, seen in this short video, runs unattended and occupies similar foor space as hand-pack operations, giving companies a seamless option for an automation upgrade. pdlinks.com/BantamProL Pouching system is unique Video of a one-of-a-kind gourmet candy packaging system from Ohlson Packaging starts with product supplied to a computerized netweigher followed by pouching using a rotary system on a vertical machine and ends on a takeaway conveyor. pdlinks.com/Ohlson Flexible conveyor zigs, zags, rises and falls Watch Te SmartFlex 2200 Series modular chain conveyor run through its paces in this three- minute video from Dorner Mfg. Corp., going around curves (up to four on a single conveyor) and making elevation changes with ease. Optional powered transfers for smooth transitions and a load capacity of up to 600 lbs are among the available features of these conveyors that ship in sub-assemblies in fve working days. pdlinks.com/SmartFlex Shrink packaging system keeps operation simple In less than one minute, you can see in this video the easy operation of the new ESA3040 semi- automatic pneumatic L-bar sealer and ET2412 shrink tunnel system from Eastey Enterprises. Two-button seal actuation ensures worker safety and the L-bar format accommodates a range of products, including painting supplies, as shown in the video. pdlinks.com/EasteyLbar Automated systems provide logistics solutions Technology-forward integrated logistics solutions are demonstrated in this short video from the Jacobson Companies that shows machinery and systems used for applications from contract packaging to secondary packaging to reverse logistics across a swath of industries. pdlinks.com/Jacobson

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