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promising patents 36 NEW TECHNOLOGY // FALL 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com Scan to view the CleanMove Brochure. Content Licensing for Every Marketing Strategy Marketing solutions ft for: t Outdoor t Direct Mail t Print Advertising t5SBEFTIPX101%JTQMBZT t4PDJBM.FEJB t3BEJP5FMFWJTJPO Logo Licensing | Reprints | Eprints | Plaques For more information, call Wright's Media at 877.652.5295 or visit our website at www.wrightsmedia.com Leverage branded content from Packaging Digest UPDSFBUFBNPSFQPXFSGVM BOETPQIJTUJDBUFETUBUFNFOUBCPVUZPVSQSPEVDUTFSWJDFPSDPNQBOZJO ZPVSOFYUNBSLFUJOHDBNQBJHO$POUBDU8SJHIUT.FEJBUPöOEPVUNPSF BCPVUIPXXFDBODVTUPNJ[FZPVSBDLOPXMFEHFNFOUTBOESFDPHOJUJPOTUP FOIBODFZPVSNBSLFUJOHTUSBUFHJFT Hybrid tube-pouch reduces waste U.S. Patent #8,857,664 for a "f exible tube with gussets" issued to Ampac promises a source- reduced format for food, shampoo and other viscous products that improves product evacuation from the package to reduce waste. Sal Pellingra, vp of innovation and technology, says "it could be revolutionary in disrupting the current rigid container space." According to Pellingra, the advantages include reduced package weight, improved product-to- package ratio, minimized storage and shipping of empty containers, reduced waste, added consumer convenience through improved squeezability and product evacuation and improved graphics that allow for 360-degree decoration. "T ere has been tremendous interest in this innovative format for both food and non-food," says Pellingra. "T e f rst step was to complete the Intellectual Property protection for which we received both design and utility patents. It currently remains as a development project only and likely would not be launched before 2017. We are, however, reviewing potential partnerships for implementation that could accelerate the timing." pdlinks.com/tubepouch A label that magnifies For those who f nd reading small text on labels to be dif cult, a new, patented label technology—U.S. #8,947,794 issued in Feb. 2015—integrates a magnif er lens that helps readability and as a bonus provides product security benef ts. Jim Rittenburg, co-founder of IC Optix, considers readability a signif cant patient safety concern for pharmaceutical products, not to mention the inconvenience it may add for consumer packaged goods. "Our technology provides a unique combination of user functionality and product security that provides a value-add feature to the consumer/patient and that also allows them to get involved in the authentication process." T e layer featuring the lens can be peeled up to magnify the label, allowing patients to read small text, and then reapplied for multiple uses. Fixed or variable information can be printed anywhere on the lens f lm's top or bottom side or on the label layer beneath the lens f lm. For cartons, the technology can be provided as a transparent label that can be applied as an over-label, Rittenburg says, also noting that more recently another application was allowed by the U.S. Patent Of ce for a "scrolling magnif er lens." pdlinks.com/magnif er Rick Lingle, Technical Editor Hybrid f ex-pack targets viscous products. Invention relies on PET lens-label.

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