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34 NEW TECHNOLOGY // FALL 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com UF helps set a new standard in package film testing A coordinated team effort between the University of Florida and its patented technology and OxySense results in an ASTM-accepted, more economical oxygen transmission rate measurement for films. Rick Lingle, Technical Editor It isn't every day that a new ASTM Intl. standard for packaging gas permeation is released. In fact, it's been seven years. And it's perhaps almost as rare that the standard's methodology was based on a patent developed in a packaging school, in this instance the University of Florida. Te release of the new ASTM standard F3136-15 validates the University of Florida's patented Dynamic Accumulation Film Permeation Chamber technology that OxySense Inc. (www.oxysense.com) commercialized and has been providing to packaging labs and flm manufacturers globally since 2008. Te measurement of gas permeation, that is oxygen transmission rate (OTR) data, is crucial to determining the barrier of packaging materials. "Tis is a pretty big deal in gas permeation testing," asserts Professor Bruce Welt, Ph.D., coordinator of UF's Packaging Engineering Program. "Tis new test provides a substantially less expensive alternative to oxygen transmission rate testing than has been available before." Welt co-developed the method with Ayman Abdellatief while working in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering using funding provided by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and OxySense. UF's patent was fled in December 2007 and issued in October 2013. Te patent was commercialized in 2008 in the form of an accessory device that can be used with OxySense's multi-purpose Model 5250i oxygen analyzers, and its predecessor Model 4000B, products that have been in the market for about 15 years, according to Ken Culver, president/CEO of OxySense. Te 5250i analyzer is the third generation of an analyzing system that has been available since 2009. It is one of the company's four products that essentially perform the same operations, but with slightly diferent capabilities. OxySense, the exclusive licensee of UF's patent, has been selling the add-on optional permeation device based on the UF patent since 2008, after connecting with Welt at Pack Expo 2008 in Chicago. "Dr. Welt saw that we provided analyzers for O2 permeation," says Culver. "It was coincidental that he ran across us at the show. Dr. Welt had applied for a patent by then and we subsequently worked together to commercialize it." A number of analytical instruments in the market perform permeation analysis, Culver points out. However, the 5250i is the only instrument on the planet that ofers an optional permeation chamber based on the UF's patented test methodology that is optimized for a specifc, high- Got STATIC? Improve product quality Release dust from surfaces Improve plant operations No compressed air usage The Ionized Air System by Paxton Products couples powerful ionization with Paxton high efciency centrifugal blowers and custom-engineered air delivery devices, to remove powders, dust & particulates during manufacturing or packaging. 800-441-7475 s a l e s @ p a x to n p r o d uc t s. co m w w w. p a x t o n p r o d u c t s . c o m a closeup look at the optional otr device that includes an upper and lower chamber between which the flm to be analyzed is secured.

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