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While the company is looking at national distribution, did you notice that it sourced local, Midwest suppliers? Geographic serendipity, according to Mandera. "Convenience, price and relationships we developed with these people made sense," he says. One other factor may have helped, too. "It does seem that many who have been involved or given input are former military from various branches of service," Zei says, a U.S. Army veteran himself from about 40 years ago. "A bit of kinship having served, I guess." Holley from MPI Label Systems— whose son was a marine and is still in Afghanistan, but not in active duty—admits that they got aggressive on pricing the labels and didn't charge Two Soldiers and a Marine LLC for printing prep or plates. "We all tried to give these guys a break to help them get going. T at was instrumental with all the players throughout this process," Holley says. But you don't have to be military to enjoy the sauce. T e response to the new product and its packaging has been fantastic from people all over, according to Elsner and Mandera. Earlier this summer, they were serving food from their trucks at a disabled-veterans' 22-mile run event. Elsner recalls, "ɨ ey were all raving about the sauce. And they loved the canteen. 'ɨ is is awesome. I can throw it right in my pack. It ë ts on my hip and in my pocket.' T ey loved the bottle and the form of it, especially when they were pouring it." Q Minimum use of H 2 O 2 media Q 2QUKVKQPGFKPVJGJGCVKPIRTQEGUUHQTGZEGNNGPVGHƂEKGPE[ Q 2TGHQTOCPFDQVVNGEQPXG[KPIRTQVGEVGFWRVQVJGƂNNKPIXCNXG -*5RTGHQTOUVGTKNK\CVKQPKPVJG+PPQ2'6$NQƂNN 1RVKOWONQYIGTOEQPFKVKQPUHTQOVJGRTGHQTOVQVJGƂNNKPIXCNXG )WCTFUCICKPUVCNNV[RGUQHKPVTWUKQP Learn more at www.khs.com or scan the QR code. 26 BEST PRACTICES // FALL 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com The rattlesnake graphic harkens back to the American Revolution and Benjamin Franklin, who created and published the f rst known political cartoon in an American newspaper. His woodcut of a snake cut into eight sections represented the colonies and included the phrase "Join, or Die." Since then, the rattlesnake has come to symbolize American values and has been used over the years by various U.S. Armed Forces on f ags and seals, sometimes with the words "Don't tread on me." Why Rattlesnake Red? One challenge of replicating containers used in the military was to keep an authentic look yet be able to manufacture and label the unusual shapes, which are convex on the front and concave on the back.

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