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24 BEST PRACTICES // FALL 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com Military-style containers for BBQ sauce get 'atten-shun!' To launch its new retail barbecue sauce, Two Soldiers and a Marine LLC created containers that look like an AUTHENTIC CANTEEN AND FLASK USED IN THE ARMED FORCES and dressed them in patriotic colors. Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor Just before the Fourth of July, a small team of U.S. military combat veterans embarked on a mission that took courage, skill and coordinated planning. T is band of brothers called Two Soldiers and a Marine LLC launched a new product, Rattlesnake Red Bar-B-Q Sauce, in packaging designed to appeal to patriotic Americans keen to support this service-disabled veteran- owned company—and enjoy some awesome barbecue. T e two bottles replicate (as closely as possible) containers well known to personnel in the Armed Forces and elsewhere: a canteen and a f ask. With American f ag graphics and the color scheme of the Marine Corps dress blue uniform, the labels reinforce the product's military bearing. Who are these two soldiers and a marine? Meet the men behind the Chicago-area company: • U.S. marine Daniel Elsner served in the Iraq war as a turret machine gunner with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines Weapons Company. He owns and co-founded the company with fellow marine Perry Mandera, who has ample experience in the transportation business as the owner of T e Custom Companies Inc., a full service transportation and logistics company. ɨ ey started as a mobile catering company and food truck in the summer of 2013 in the Chicago area, and have now expanded into retail sales with the launch of their bottled barbecue sauce. T e color scheme on the labels mirrors the design of the company's two food trucks: Chow Hall and B-B-Q Truck. • Adam Rukavina is currently a senior scout and battalion career counselor in the U.S Army. • Anthony Colquitt spent four years in the Army, including 2004-2005 in Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan. After that, he supported domestic emergency ef orts during Hurricane Katrina's aftermath in 2006. T ese veterans combined their barbecue talents to create a sauce they describe on Facebook as the f avor of freedom. "She lulls you in with the sweet smoky sauce and then Bam! She bites you—the sting's burn is progressively strong." Much of the food sold from their food trucks is made with this barbecue sauce. T at's one of the reasons why the company sells out several times a day—and why they were featured by Chicago's Best show in 2014 (see a three- minute video from the show at pdlinks.com/2Soldiers). Meeting military specs Why these particular bottle designs? Co-owner Mandera explains, "Today's modern soldier carries a f ask with him or her when they are out on daily maneuvers. T e conventional soldier doing maneuvers overnight or on long days carries the larger canteen. So our bottles are the same basic shapes. T ey have the same feel in the hand. Both are reusable, as well." With an idea in mind of how they wanted the containers to look and feel, co-owner Elsner worked with custom blow molder Parker Plastics (www. parkerplastics.net) to develop both bottles out of its Pleasant Prairie, WI, location. Now in its 25th year of business, Parker Plastics celebrated the opening of its fourth facility in Las Vegas in late September.

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