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MD&M MINNEAPOLIS 2015 q M e D . c o M / M p M n M E d I c A L P r O d u c t M A N u f A c t u r I N g N E w S S E P t E M b E r / O c t O b E r 2 0 1 5 9 Product Preview catheter coating Technique Professional Plating Inc. has developed proprietary processes for handling a variety of medical device applications, including the patented torq-Lok metal coating for optimizing the performance of braided catheters. this process atomically bonds metal directly to each braid pic crossing, fusing the strands together. when every strand intersection is fused, the individual strands become monocoque. this capability eliminates relative slip of strand across strand, which in an uncoated braid assembly robs the catheter of force transmission effciency. the coating process allows the braid pic count to be reduced with no change in the braid wire profle and catheter fexibility. It provides kink resistance, helps control radial forces, eliminates unraveling at the catheter ends, enhances tensile strength, and minimizes elongation. Preliminary testing of the process by the service provider suggested that these metal-coated catheters exceed the performance of conventional catheters by signifcant margins in terms of torque response, torque to failure, and twist. ■ professional plating Inc. ANOkA, MN Booth #1334 Wire and cable Assemblies the medical device component supplier carlisle Medical technologies offers ruggedized cable assemblies, medical wire, ergonomic and lightweight component constructions, and economical disposables for the OEM. the company's product development and engineering teams are equipped to address the challenges of critical precision applications ranging from disposable lead wires for patient monitoring devices to custom- molded electrosurgical devices. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are registered as in compliance with relevant national and international regulations, and its ISO:13485:2003–certifed quality- management systems meet the requirements of 21 cfr Part 820. Possessing advanced equipment for medical cable and assembly-level testing of fex and torsion, of tensile strength, and of mating and demating performance, the company can also provide in-house sterilization testing. ■ carlisle Medical Technologies SINgAPOrE Booth #1610 cylindrical component Grinding the core capability of Meron Medical is the high-precision grinding of complex and technically challenging cylindrical medical device components. A fully owned subsidiary of a company specializing in centerless grinding, the ISO 9001:2008– and ISO 13485:2003–certifed enterprise has proven capabilities in vascular, cardiovascular, neurovascular, neuromodulation, and ophthalmological end-use applications. typical medical parts

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