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q m e d . c o m / m p m n M e d i c a l P r o d u c t M a n u f a c t u r i n g n e w s s e P t e M b e r / o c t o b e r 2 0 1 5 2 3 contract Injection molding applying its expertise in design for manufacturing in processes from part design to tool design and construction, the injection molder Metro Mold & design can help medical device industry customers move a product idea quickly from concept to production. the vertically integrated company offers capabilities in two-shot molding and swiss machining as well as injection molding and tool building. it can mold parts as small as a single plastic pellet and as large as 22 sq in. in projected area in an iso class 8 cleanroom environment within an iso 13485–certified medical manufacturing facility. three two- shot injection molding machines are installed, and a growing stock of swiss machining equipment is capable of holding tolerances as fine as thousandths of an inch with small-part stock sizes ranging from 0.8 to 20 mm. Product assembly processes conducted in an iso class 7 cleanroom include sonic welding, adhesive bonding, pad printing, and packaging. ■ metro mold & design rogers, Mn md&m minneapolis, Booth #1043 electric and Servo Hydraulic molding machines toshiba has debuted three injection molding systems designed to offer fast cycling and versatility, and cost-effective performance. consisting of 30-ton electric and 110-ton and 390-ton servo-driven hydraulics, the new models include the ec30sX, a 30-ton machine that is said to complement the company's all-electric, energy-efficient ecsX line. the company's 110-ton tia110s (pictured) and 390-ton isgs390n machines combine toshiba's energy-efficient servo technology with a hydraulic design. servomotors driving the pumps on both machines rotate only at the necessary required speed, using up to 65% less energy than traditional hydraulics, according to the company. rounding out the offering is the V50, a built-in controller using real-time input to report molding conditions and automatically adjust mold settings to optimize repeatability and reduce rejects. ■ Toshiba machine eLK GRoVe VILLAGe, IL electric Injection molding machine the si-6 series of energy-efficient, all-electric injection molding machines from toyo made its debut in the united states this year. compared to toyo's si-5 series, the si-6 is more compact, runs 33% faster, and has a redesigned clamp unit for easier maintenance. larger tonnage machines also feature Hitachi servos and redesigned injection units. sizes range from 55–1050 tons. the system is suited for a range of medical device manufacturing applications. founded in 1968, the company distributes a line of high-end plastics processing, metal working, and fabrication machines and equipment. ■ maruka USA Pine brooK, nJ A c c u m u l a t e d v a l v e k n o w l e d g e . M i n i v a l v e I n t e r n a t i o n a l d e v e l o p s a n d m a n u f a c t u re s s t a n d a rd , s e l f - a c t u a t i n g v a l v e s a n d e l a s t o m e r i c v a l v e c o m p o n e n t s f o r l i q u i d s a n d g a s s e s . P a r t i c u l a r l y o n e - w a y v a l v e s , p r e s s u r e r e l i e f v a l v e s , d i s p e n s i n g v a l v e s a n d a c c e s s v a l v e s . medical devices needles and probes Unimed SA Lausanne, Switzerland phone +41 21 624 21 51 fax +41 21 624 53 32 e-mail:

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