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q M e D . c o M / M p M n M E d I c A L P r O d u c t M A N u f A c t u r I N g N E w S S E P t E M b E r / O c t O b E r 2 0 1 5 1 7 MD&M MINNEAPOLIS 2015 Wire, cable, and Interconnect Assemblies Minnesota wire is a vertically integrated, custom development and manufacturing house for wire, cable and interconnect assemblies, with a primary focus on medical products. Minnesota wire has expertise in electrical signal integrity, low-noise cable, radio-translucent wire—and innovative connections for wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems, and other medical devices. the company has 45 years of experience designing medical device components. Minnesota wire can provide products that are ultra- fexible, with a high fex life, with low elongation, tangle free, autoclave- ready, and/or low-noise. Other expertise includes miniaturization, high pull-strength jackets, carbon fber medical wire, ruggedization, and the use of many medical-grade materials. A conductive, stretchable cable, called iStretch, is available in many confgurations. ■ Minnesota Wire St. PAuL, MN Booth #1143 product Development Services kablooe design is a full-service product development company able to complement the invention, design, and engineering efforts of medical device manufacturers ranging in size from start-ups to fortune 500 enterprises. the medical product specialist offers services extending from initial market evaluation through production engineering and can help clients at any stage of their development process. besides supplying its own creative and design contribution, the service provider can teach device companies effective methods and techniques of product development through its educational branch. this part of the company provides sessions and workshops that can enhance customers' insights into how their own product development efforts might be led, managed, and executed creatively. ■ Kablooe Design MINNEAPOLIS Booth #2538 Thermoplastic compounds the rtP 2000 hc series of thermoplastic compounds is intended to help designers solve cracking issues in existing medical devices and to admit new possibilities for the design of hospital equipment and plastic housings that require frequent disinfection, such as mobile ultrasound and x-ray machines, enteral feeding devices, drug- infusion pumps, and blood fltration equipment. for this series, rtP co., a global compounder of custom- engineered thermoplastics, developed a proprietary alloy technology that enables thermoplastic medical devices to maintain strength, functionality, and integrity even when repeatedly exposed to hospital disinfectants. the compounds are offered in fame- retardant and non-fame retardant versions, resist damage by chemicals, and can be colored. through a sheet products division of the manufacturer, the series is available in sheet format, with thicknesses ranging from 0.02 to 0.25 in. ■ RTp co. wINONA, MN Booth #844 pre-Validated Medical packaging QtS's Qseal pre-validated medical packaging provides an alternative approach to custom medical package designs. the Qseal stock medical device packaging systems line is created in standard sizes for both tray and pouch-based systems. because the system has already been designed, sourced, and validated to ISO and medical industry standards, manufacturers can bring new products to market much faster— at the same time, lowering costs signifcantly, according to QtS. In some cases, QtS has found that Qseal can reduce packaging development costs by over 30%, and development time by as much as 50%. ■ quality Tech Services Inc. bLOOMINgtON, MN Booth #838 Machine Vision System the cV-X machine vision system from keyence corp. of America can handle many in-process quality control applications in medical device manufacturing operations. for example, it can check for visible contaminants on molded parts or webs, verify tray assembly and placement, and confirm the ejection of a molded part from the die. using a 21-megapixel camera, the system can detect the smallest defect with high measurement resolution. further enhancing system capability is a proprietary self-teaching algorithm that maximizes setup efficiency and enables limit setting based dynamically on known good and bad parts. to ensure traceability, a manual generator creates a custom manual in as many as nine languages based on the current program settings. this feature is designed to minimize the documentation time needed to meet medical device regulations. ■ Keyence corp. of America ItAScA, IL Booth #1005 Fine-Diameter Wire the Medical technologies division of Loos and company, Inc., offers fne- diameter medical wire products for use in advanced surgical equipment and procedures. using state-of-the- art design and production technology, the company produces round wire in diameters of 0.001 in. and greater and specializes in drawing wire in stainless-steel and high-performance alloys, including type 302, type 304V, type 305, type 316LVM, type 321, type 347, and 400-series stainless steels as well as MP25N. the manufacturer is certifed to the ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 (AS9100c) quality standards. ■ Loos and company, Inc., Medical Technologies Div. POMfrEt, ct Booth #1509 See us at MD&M Minneapolis, Booth #1216

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