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custom converting Pepin Manufacturing Inc. is a custom converter and fabricator of specialty components and substrates, specializing in accurate in-line registration of low-profle medical components and products. the company's capabilities encompass precision rotary die-cutting, multiple- layer material laminating, island placement, tight-tolerance slitting, in-line four-color fexographic printing, and custom assembly and packaging. Emphasizing knowledge of materials and engineering, the contractor operates an fdA- registered facility with a quality- management system certifed to the ISO 13485 standard for medical device production. ■ pepin Manufacturing Inc. LAkE cItY, MN Booth #1631 Technical consulting Services Nelson Laboratories Inc. provides full life cycle microbiology testing services for companies in the medical device industry. Among the services the specialist company offers is comprehensive technical consulting covering every phase of the product life cycle. this service comprises product development, facility and process validation, product performance testing, and regulatory support and is intended to provide assurance beyond the test that product safety and effcacy are ensured. the consultants have participated in industry groups, actively served on standards committees for AAMI, ISO, AStM, and PdA, and gained experience through working with a range of medical technology companies on products of various types. ■ nelson Laboratories Inc. SALt LAkE cItY Booth #919 Toll Free: 1.800.295.8505 | Phone: 1.949.521.0402 (PDLORHPLQIR#WHOHÁH[FRP :HEVLWHZZZWHOHÁH[PHGLFDORHPFRP WORK BALLOON EXPERTS WITH THE 7KHUHDUHEDOORRQPDQXIDFWXUHUV7KHQWKHUHLV 7HOHÁH[0HGLFDO2(0ZLWKFRQFHSWWRFRPSOHWLRQ FDSDELOLWLHVGHHSDFURVVDSSOLFDWLRQH[SHUWLVH DQGDEDOORRQWHDPZLWK\HDUVRIH[SHULHQFH :KDWHYHU\RXUPHGLFDOEDOORRQQHHGVZHDUHKHUH WRKHOS\RXVXFFHHG/HW·VJHWWRZRUNRQ\RXUSURMHFW THOHÁH[0HGLFDO2(0LVWKHH[SHULHQFHGYHUWLFDOO\LQWHJUDWHG LQQRYDWLYHJOREDOSURYLGHURIVWDQGDUGDQGFXVWRPPHGLFDOEDOORRQV • The single source resource for non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant medical balloons. • Specializing in balloons for a range of minimally invasive procedures, including PTCA and PTA. • Your choice: Standard balloon products or custom EDOORRQVHQJLQHHUHGWR\RXUVSHFLÀFDWLRQV • Our balloon experts will work closely with you during each stage of development and production to save time, save money, and get you to market quickly. • Vertically integrated capabilities from concept development to prototyping to all stages of manufacturing. 7HOHÁH[,QFRUSRUDWHG$OOULJKWVUHVHUYHG7HOHÁH[LVDUHJLVWHUHGWUDGHPDUN DQG´:RUNZLWKWKH%DOORRQ([SHUWVµLVDWUDGHPDUNRI7HOHÁH[,QFRUSRUDWHG See us at MD&M Minneapolis, Booth #1215 ANOTHER LEE INNOVATION s MM $IAMETER s ,OW ,EAKAGE s !CCURATE #RACKING 0RESSURE s )NSTALLS %ASILY IN 0LASTICS s !VAILABLE IN -EDICAL &ITTINGS s 0ERFORMANCE 4ESTED Smallest Check Valve . . . Ever! To Get Samples and See for Yourself, Contact The Lee Company! The Lee Company 0ETTIPAUG 2OAD 7ESTBROOK #4 53! 4EL Innovation in Miniature See us at MD&M Philadelphia, Booth #724 Content Licensing for Every Marketing Strategy Marketing solutions ft for: t Outdoor t Direct Mail t Print Advertising t5SBEFTIPX101%JTQMBZT t4PDJBM.FEJB t3BEJP5FMFWJTJPO Logo Licensing | Reprints | Eprints | Plaques For more information, call Wright's Media at 877.652.5295 or visit our website at Leverage branded content from Medical Product Manufacturing News to create BNPSFQPXFSGVMBOETPQIJTUJDBUFETUBUFNFOUBCPVUZPVSQSPEVDUTFSWJDF PSDPNQBOZJOZPVSOFYUNBSLFUJOHDBNQBJHO$POUBDU8SJHIUT.FEJB UPöOEPVUNPSFBCPVUIPXXFDBODVTUPNJ[FZPVSBDLOPXMFEHFNFOUTBOE SFDPHOJUJPOTUPFOIBODFZPVSNBSLFUJOHTUSBUFHJFT

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