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Medical Product Manufacturing News, September/October 2015

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M E d I c A L P r O d u c t M A N u f A c t u r I N g N E w S q M e D . c o M / M p M n 1 2 S E P t E M b E r / O c t O b E r 2 0 1 5 MD&M MINNEAPOLIS 2015 components, and categorical factors. the software also offers rotatable 3-d plots to allow viewing of response surfaces from all angles. Single-user perpetual and annual network licenses are available. ■ Stat-ease Inc. MINNEAPOLIS Booth #517 needle-Bonding Adhesive the medical device adhesive 1405-M-ur-Sc from dymax corp. cures rapidly under light-emitting diodes delivering wavelengths of 385 and 405 nm. the adhesive's low viscosity of 150 cP makes it suitable for tight-tolerance needle- bonding applications. Its formulation includes proprietary color-change technology that causes the blue uncured adhesive, colored for easy verifcation of placement, to turn clear with suffcient exposure to ultraviolet (uV) light. Another special technology incorporated in the adhesive enables it to fuoresce bright red under low-intensity uV light; the contrast with plastics that fuoresce blue supports automated or manual quality inspection after cure. the adhesive is additionally available in a high-viscosity version at 7,000 cP, which offers good dispense control for larger bond gaps. both products are suited for bonding stainless steel, polycarbonate, PMMA, and AbS. ■ Dymax corp. tOrrINgtON, ct Booth #1234 electronic Manufacturing Services Acd is a full-service electronic manufacturing services (EMS) frm with a quality-management system certifed to ISO 13485 for medical device component manufacture. the range of service capabilities comprises complete board layout; design for manufacturing and design for assembly capability; printed- circuit fabrication; component procurement; through-hole, surface- mount, and part-on-part mixed- technology assembly; box build; rework; fying probe; functional and JtAg testing; and development. the contractor uses a proven software system for factory-wide track, trace, and control, thus offering total traceability from the box build to the lot, panel, or board level through the use of enforced routing. the EMS provider follows a business model that is geared toward supporting high-mix, high-technology assembly from prototypes through low- to medium-volume production. ■ AcD rIchArdSON, tX Booth #854 Inspection Technology the Zeiss O-Inspect contact/optical measuring machine can be used for a range of inspectional activities, including the measurement of sensitive components. the system is available from Zeiss Industrial Metrology, a specialist engineering company focusing on inspection technologies that include both measurement and programming capabilities. for workpieces that are notably small or delicate, or when large quantities of parts have to be measured, users can switch on the machine's camera sensor. to measure 3-d characteristics, they can take advantage of the contact sensor. A chromatic focus sensor closes the gap between the contact and camera sensors. the manufacturer's product range encompasses multisensor coordinate measuring machines with contact and optical sensors, computed tomography systems, and surface and contour machines. the manufacturer is certifed to ISO 9001:2000. ■ Zeiss Industrial Metrology MAPLE grOVE, MN Booth #427 See us at MD&M Minneapolis, Booth #1343 Biomaterial Delivery Devices Value Plastics Fluid Management Components Avalon Catheter Solutions Flexible Polymer solution casting ™ can achieve both flexibility and kink resistance along a catheter shaft by utilizing polymer layers, and also encapsulating multiple components like wire reinforcements. See us at MD&M Minneapolis, Booth #1514

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