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Medical Product Manufacturing News, September/October 2015

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q M e D . c o M / M p M n M E d I c A L P r O d u c t M A N u f A c t u r I N g N E w S S E P t E M b E r / O c t O b E r 2 0 1 5 1 1 end lot and serial traceability and embedded quality management suite complete with electronic signatures, audit tools, and secure document control. ■ IqMS PASO rObLES, cA Booth #631 Static Meters the versatile Sk series of electrostatic sensors from keyence corp. of America comprises the handheld Sk-h050 model and ultrasmall in-line Sk-050 sensor. these sensors provide precision measurement of static electricity, temperature, and humidity, enabling the user to monitor charges on parts or check the performance of a static eliminator while viewing or outputting data as required. designed for checking static levels quickly and easily on the spot and even in narrow spaces, the handheld model features a large, easy-to-read liquid-crystal display, built-in laser aim, and 180° rotating head. An optional charge- plate attachment allows measurement of an ionizer's speed and ion balance. with the in-line static sensor, easily integrated into any existing machine, measurements can be displayed on the integrated amplifer or else output by means of rS-232, EtherNet/IP, and analog voltage/current. connectable amplifers minimize wiring and programming. ■ Keyence corp. of America ItAScA, IL Booth #1005 Adhesives and Dispensing equipment Ellsworth Adhesives distributes medical device assembly adhesives, specialty chemicals, and related dispensing equipment worldwide. the company's comprehensive range of products includes sealants, lubricants, and coatings, as well as adhesives. In addition to supplying materials from world-class manufacturers, the distributor offers value-added services intended to fulfll customers' needs; these extend from early technical advice through customized product fulfllment. It felds more than 50 engineered sales representatives in North America and more than 150 globally. these experts can answer any question pertaining to projects or applications that require an adhesives or dispensing solution. the service provider has a quality-management system certifed to ISO 9001:2008 and is AS9120:2002 registered. ■ ellsworth Adhesives gErMANtOwN, wI Booth #1237 Laser-Machined components Laserage technology corp. provides precision laser machining, cutting, drilling, and welding of medically approved materials, including in-stock fat and tubular nitinol. Partnering with medical OEMs as a supplier of components for implantable devices, stents, medical instruments, surgical implements, and delivery systems, the company offers fnishing operations at its facilities in the Midwest and on the west coast and performs cleanroom assembly in the california plant. It can electropolish device components made from biocompatible, superelastic nitinol to produce a very smooth, corrosion-resistant surface. In addition, the contractor can sandblast the material, mechanically polish it to resemble stainless steel, or chemically etch it for end-coating attachment. the company's ISO 13485–certifed, fdA-registered turnkey contract manufacturing arm offers an integrated service comprising planning, procurement, process validation, production assembly and packaging, sterilization, and inventory management. ■ Laserage Technology corp. wAukEgAN, IL Booth #1343 Design of experiments Software Version 9 of design-Expert software for design of experiments, developed by and available from Stat-Ease Inc., is a windows-based program engineered to optimize a user's product or process. Among the statistical tools it provides are two- level factorial screening designs to identify vital factors affecting the process or product; general factorial studies to determine the optimal combination of categorical factors, such as source versus type of raw material supply; two-level, general, and optimal factorial split-plot designs to facilitate experimentation when some factors cannot be easily randomized; and defnitive screening designs to isolate optimal numeric process factors. Additional tools are response surface methods for fnding optimal process settings; mixture design techniques, which arrive at the most suitable recipe for a product formulation; and methods for combining process factors, mixture ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING CNC MACHINING INJECTION MOLDING Download your free Medical Prototyping white paper at ISO 9001:2008 Certified | ITAR Registered Major Credit Cards Accepted | © 2015 Proto Labs, Inc. Rapid Manufacturing That's a Real Lifesaver Tech-driven injection molding, CNC machining and 3D printing for those who need parts tomorrow Proto Labs is the world's fastest source for on-demand, low-volume manufacturing. We make quick-turn prototypes and production parts including device handles, housings, strain reliefs and other components used in the medical industry. Got a project? Get 1 to 10,000+ plastic, metal or liquid silicone rubber parts in 1 to 15 days. See us at MD&M Minneapolis, Booth #327 See us at MD&M Philadelphia, Booth #1224

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