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8 Global PlastiCs RePoRt 2015 PlastiCstoday.Com 50 48 44 32 42 32 makinG sustainability Pay Sustainable business practices can be a driver of success, but they require companies to change the way they do things, which is never easy. 40 miCRo-moldinG 101: ensuRinG manufaCtuRability As parts and features shrink, the micro-molding processing window narrows, creating a host of manufacturability challenges. 42 smooth PaCkaGe Gives CoveRGiRl an effiCienCy edGe A finessed structural design for the new UltraSmooth foundation blister package elevates the consumer experience, delivers key production advantages and performs in existing retail displays. 44 bReathinG new life into biomateRials Material scientists are learning to program biomaterials, giving them the ability to better interface with the body. 48 additive manufaCtuRinG oPtimizes ConfoRmal CoolinG Additive manufacturing eliminates the limitations of conventional machining techniques in the design of cooling channels. 50 fakuma Goes fRom stRenGth to stRenGth The international plastics event has been sold out since February 2015. 60 new PRoduCts 64 Global PlastiCs diReCtoRy 2015 65 adveRtiseR index 66 PaRtinG shot The recent stock market slide is bringing to light some truths that have long been suspected by manufacturers and economists alike: The emperor is naked. Contents Cover design by Prakash Barnabas/ Background - Dirk Freder/alacatr istock

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