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64 Global Plastics RePoRt 2015 64 NPe showcase 20XX 64 Global Plastics RePoRt 2015 Compression molding greenerd press & machine Company, inc. 41 Crown St. Nashua, NH 03061, United States T: 603/8889-4101, 800/877-9110 F: 608/889-7601 Founded in New England in 1883, Greenerd has manufactured thousands of high-quality hydraulic presses since 1934 and has extensive expertise in designing and building presses for a wide range of compression molding applications. Greenerd compression molding solutions are installed in many industries, including automotive, medi- cal, aerospace, defense, marine, indus- trial and more. The Greenerd compres- sion molding series features a unique de-gassing cycle that evacuates gasses from the mold while the part is curing, which relieves pressure inside the mold and ensures the highest part quality. Visit the Greenerd compression mold- ing showroom at applications/showroom/compression- molding.aspx. magnetiC separation & metal deteCtion Bunting magnetics Co. 500 S. Spencer Ave. Newton, KS 67114-0468, United States T: 316/284-2020; 800/835-2526 F: 316/283-4975 Bunting® Magnetics Co. is a recognized industry leader in the manufacturing of magnetic separation equipment, metal detection and material handling sys- tems for the plastics industry. Bunting offers a full line of magnetic separa- tion and metal detection equipment that will either mount at the throats of processing machines or inline with the product stream to capture ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants while pro- tecting your equipment and the purity of your product. Bunting material han- dling equipment will get you produc- tive and profitable results in every situ- ation by moving your material where you need it, quickly and efficiently. For more information visit www.bunting- or call 800/835-2526. minerals minerals Unimin Corporation 258 Elm St. New Canaan, CT 06840, United States T: 203/966-8880 F: 203/966-3453 MINBLOC® plastic film additives from UNIMIN Specialty Minerals, Inc. are produced from derivatives of high purity natural mineral feedstocks. With refractive indices that parallel those of polyolefin resins, MINBLOC operates nearly transparently with the polymer matrix to produce packaging films with extremely low haze while retaining high gloss and clarity. MIN- BLOC additions to greenhouse cover and other horticultural film applica- tions maximize visible light transmit- tance to accelerate plant growth and reflect infrared radiation to maintain optimal growth temperatures and reduce space heating requirements. pUrge CompoUnd(s) PHOENIX Plastics ™ phoenix plastics 5400 Jefferson Chemical Road, Conroe, TX 77301, United States T: 866/760-2311 F: 936/760-2322 Cel-Span® Purge: A product lineup for every resin type and process tempera- ture. Let us help you with a solution that will work better for you and will not burn out along with your process. We have developed purge formula- tions for clear PC that will keep the transparency of your polycarbonate without having to "purge the purge." Avoid having to allow soaking time on your purge procedure. Phoenix Plastics specializes in purg- ing compounds and additives for the plastics industry. Call us at 936/760-2311 or visit us at Global Plastics Directory 2015 PlasticsToday publishes a daily NewsFeed and weekly reports from the automotive, medical and pack- aging channels. Don't miss a beat: Subscribe to these e-newsletters by going to the PlasticsToday site. Stay current with news and insights from the plastics industry by visiting the PlasticsToday site.

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