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New Products 60 Global Plastics rePort 2015 Inclined ejection unit facilitates demolding Need a new and easy way to eject under- cut parts without using a slide? Meus- burger Georg GmbH & Co KG (Wol- furt, Austria) has a solution: The E 3248 inclined ejection unit used in combina- tion with the E 32481 ejector. Because of its short height, the inclined ejection unit can be installed inside the ejector set in a space-saving manner. The high-quality material and precise design of this product minimizes wear. An optimal match, also available from Meusburger, is the E 3249 support plate, which may serve as an additional guiding element. The entire product range for quick demolding of complex parts is available from stock. Servomotor-equipped twin-screw extruder suited for cleanroom use Designed for cleanroom use, the ZSE 18-mm co-rotating twin-screw extruder from Leistritz (Somerville, NJ) has been improved with the addition of a sealed, brushless ac servomotor, says the com- pany. The new motor is significantly quieter than standard motors, and servo- motor technology facilitates a 1000:1 turndown with 0.01% speed accuracy, which is particularly beneficial in a labo- ratory environment developing multiple products over wide screw rpm ranges. The ZSE-18 features segmented stainless-steel screws assembled on high- torque splined shafts and has a 72-NM torque rating. It achieves speeds of 1200 rpm and higher. Modular stainless-steel barrels with a tie-rod assembly system facilitate quick changes. A gearbox positioning plate allows gearbox repo- sitioning to shorter/longer L/Ds, and a cantilevered front-end allows use of front-end gear pumps and other devices. Quick-clamp assembly mates the process section to the gearbox for accelerated changeovers, and the unit has rapid elec- trical and plumbing connections. The extruder is available for testing at the Leistritz process laboratory. It can be mated with pelletizing, tube, filament, film and/or sheet downstream systems. Elastomer-coated grippers won't scratch fragile workpieces Sprue grippers with elastomer-coated jaws have been introduced by FIPA Inc. (Cary, NC). An extension of the com- pany's 100 Series, the technically opti- mized GR04.100-HNBR devices gently grip workpieces without scratching even the most delicate materials, making them suitable for removing workpieces from injection molding machines. Featuring high closing force, a wide opening and gap-free gripper jaws that enable the secure handling of both large and thin workpieces, the new 100 Series grippers are made of high-strength anod- ized aluminum alloy. The jaws are com- pletely coated with hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) on all sides, an industry first, according to the com- pany. The HNBR elastomer coating will not leave markings on plastic parts that could interfere with painting or coating operations. Medium-sized grippers for custom, interchangeable jaws, models with HNBR-padded inner jaws and grippers with or without sensors are also available. High-power CNC router makes the cut for plastics processors Techno CNC Systems LLC (Ronkon- koma, NY) recently introduced its new Venture Plus CNC router series, which it describes as an affordably priced, high-power tool designed for production shops that need to streamline the plastics fabrication process. The Venture Plus is precisely engi- neered and is easy to operate. Versatile and rugged, the router is able to handle cutting, drilling and carving while deliv- ering highly polished accuracy with an ultra-smooth edge finish, according to the company. Tool components include a 12-HP HSD automatic tool changer spindle with eight-tool rotary carousel, a four-zone vacuum table, 10-HP rotary vane pump and material alignment pop- up pins. A PC-based OSAI industrial control- ler, Delta ac servo motors and drives, helical rack and pinion, pneumatic retractable dust hood and tool calibration pad are standard features, as is Techno's comprehensive CNC interface. Hardware-free extrusion head speeds cleaning and restart operations Guill Tool (West Warwick, RI) has introduced an extrusion head that is notable for a feature it doesn't have— hardware. By eliminating fastening hard- ware on the Bullet, Guill claims that it Product Showcase

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