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Fakuma Preview Global Plastics rePort 2015 59 When melt flows through these filters, contaminants are retained on the out- side of the screen while the cleaned melt on the inside of the drum travels to the downstream pelletizing machine or mold via a system of flow channels. The rotary motion of the filter drum simultaneously supports the blending effect and ensures optimal homogeneity in the melt. With every revolution, the slowly rotating filter screen is cleaned by a scraper. The particles that are removed from the surface of the screen are con- tinuously fed to a discharge system. Milacron features integrated products and services Milacron Inc. (Cincinnati) will high- light integrated plastics solutions that it offers through its brands—Ferromatik, Mold-Masters, Uniloy, Dme, Tirad and Cimcool— and feature various new processing technologies at booth 3202 in hall B3 at Fakuma 2015. The company will illustrate how its new integrated approach, as well as its rich portfolio of products, provides customers with engi- neered solutions across three businesses: Advanced Plastics Processing Technolo- gies, Melt Delivery and Control Systems and Fluid Technologies. Milacron has announced that the Magna T machine will be launched in the European market at Fakuma. Combining the advantages of a precise and accurate toggle mechanism with advanced user-friendly controls, the Magna T Servo is a high-value injec- tion molding machine. Reduced heat generation results in longer life for the hydraulic components and enhanced oil life, while the head load on the factory floor and cooling water consumption is reduced. The Magna Toggle 200 at the booth will be equipped with a mold from Austrian moldmaker Haidlmair and will produce a high-end polypro- pylene storage container. The parts will handled by a robotic take out system. Milacron also will launch the Elek- tron Evolution at the event. The system uses 60% less energy and 90% less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, achieving a substantial reduc- tion in operating costs. Following the launch of Klear Can at NPE, where it publicly demonstrated for the first time a co-injection system for Klear Can production, Milacron will have a co-injection display at Fakuma. Klear Can is a multilayer plastic can that will replace metal food cans for the packaging of long shelf-life items such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. Milacron's co-injection systems also will display its white/black/white technology for PET preforms aimed at the dairy and light-sensitive beverages markets. This innovative technology will allow the expansion of PET into this market space, which is currently dominated by multi- layer carton technologies. Other show highlights at the Mila- cron booth will include the launch of an e-commerce site; the introduction of Milacron Direct, a catalogue that will serve as a one-stop shop for all Milacron products; the Summit-Series of hot run- ners from Mold-Masters; and much more. Wherever You Are We've Got You Covered Industry News at Your Fingertips Explore. Learn. Subscribe.

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