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Fakuma Preview Global Plastics rePort 2015 57 cient processing in two-component injec- tion molding processes, resilience and reliable adhesion to hard components. Coinciding with Fakuma 2015, the company's Thermolast V compounds will go into production. The material is increasingly specified for seals in under- the-hood and other demanding applica- tions. The new series features tempera- ture resistance, improved compression set and good adhesion to polyamides. Kraiburg TPE will host a presentation on the subject of adhesion technologies on October 15 from 1:20 to 2 PM in the East Foyer. The presentation will address factors that affect the adhesion of TPE to hard components as well as the potential to further improve material properties. Arburg showcases mass customization Arburg (Lossburg, Germany) plans to shift focus at Fakuma 2015 beyond machine technology to a more holistic vision of systems for plastic part produc- tion. That's not to say that the company will not be bringing machinery to the show—eight Allrounders and three free- formers will be running at booth 3101 in hall A3—but the emphasis will be on system integration, via the ALS host computer system, and automation for efficient production applications. Nota- bly, Arburg will showcase customization of mass-production parts by combining injection molding and additive manu- facturing in concert with Industry 4.0 technologies. Innovative lightweight construction processes, multi-component injection molding, LSR processing, prac- tical examples for medical and packaging technology and a micro production sys- tem will also be part of the booth. "We have been working on the sub- ject of Industry 4.0 for some time now. With automated Allrounders, the free- former for additive manufacturing and IT solutions, we are increasingly devel- oping ourselves into a production system supplier for integrated production in the digital factory," said Arburg Managing Partner Juliane Hehl. "In Friedrichs- hafen, we are going to show how mass- production parts can be customized and traced back in a part-specific way using industrial additive manufacturing with the freeformer." The concept will be illustrated by the production of office scissors. First, an electric Allrounder 370 E molds plastic handles onto the stainless-steel blades. A code is laser printed on the assem- bly, and custom 2D or 3D lettering is applied with the laser or freeformer. A Multilift V robotic system inserts the scissors into the workpiece carrier and transports them out of the produc- tion cell via a conveyor belt. A scanner then checks whether the scissors are to be issued to the visitor directly, or if further processing is required using the freeformer. Arburg will also debut a flexible automation solution in combination with the freeformer: A six-axis robot on a mobile platform from Kuka will per- form automatic loading and unloading from the freeformer. In addition to its "ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE SENSE" Guill Tool & Engineering is a leading supplier of rubber and plastic extrusion tooling for products ranging from 0.005 inch (0.127 mm) multi-layer medical tubing to 20 inch (508 mm) industrial pipe. We offer single and multi-layer, multi-lumen extrusion crossheads backed by engineering support that's unmatched in the industry. 3D CAD, CFD and FEA software begin our process and all products are made in our quality-first production facility. West Warwick, Rhode Island (USA) 401-828-7600 ... We welcome all challenges! ELIMINATE DOWNTIME! new Automated Inline ANGEL HAIR TRAP Remove angel hair from your conveying lines "eliminating downtime!" For years Lorenz has been the leader in removing angel hair from your plastics lines, but now a new Angel Hair Trap has been designed to keep your conveying system flowing. U S A 1 . 8 0 0 . 2 6 3 . 7 7 8 2 C A N A DA 1 . 8 0 0 . 2 6 3 . 1 9 4 2 LO R E N Z P R O D U C T S . C O M KEEPING BUSINESS FLOWING THE CONVEYING PRODUC TS PEOPLE INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – NO DOWNTIME. HIGHER EFFICIENCY – NO MORE PROFITS ON THE SHOP FLOOR.

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