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sustainability outlook 36 Global Plastics RePoRt 2015 risks, solutions, impacts. It improves efficiency, productivity and value. It supports and enhances the governance systems most companies already have in place. The organizations that have used it to strengthen their businesses have aligned their values, mission and goals with sustainability." And: "Use sustain- ability to enhance your market credibili- ty. Investors are looking for transparency and responsibility in the way companies are managed. Sustainability is an indica- tor of good stewardship." Sustainability in plastics How does all of this relate to the plastics industry? To say the least, the plastics industry starts at a clear disadvantage. In the mind of the public, plastics are firmly bound up with litter and cheap manufacturing. Hence, the notion of sustainability in plastics is a laughable proposition for many people, even as the large ma-terials produc- ers pour immense amounts into R&D funding for greener production process- es and materials, machine manufactur- ers work steadily to increase the energy efficiency of the machinery used and converters seek to upgrade their prod- ucts for increased resource efficiency. For consumers, however, it's mainly the end-of-life issues that count. While relishing the safety, convenience and affordability of plastics in everything from packaging to underwear, because of the highly visible effects of poorly organized end-of-life solutions, consum- ers will continue to judge the efforts of industry in light of the (marine) litter problem. Consequently, waste management targets and strategies have now become political issues. As consumers grow more aware, the plastics industry is increasingly being held to account— morally, if not legally—for its actions. engineering, inc. )+( &&#!% , ∗(&%!∗!&%) ∀&%∗(&#&∗ &&#!%∋(&)) (∗(∋∗#% #%&&#!% )−)∗∃) ()∗!#∃∗( &∃!%∗!&%)!%#+ #&,(∗∗∃∋(∗+( %&(∋())+(

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