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39 September/October 2015 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • first year of commercial availability, the company claims that successes with several prominent customers have led it to begin testing, also suc- cessfully, the application for printing on additional substrates, including extended content labels (ECLs) on laminated poly, Tyvek, and other medical papers. At Pharma Expo, demonstrations of the application will be performed utilizing an Intelli- Code Carton Code and Inspection System from an equipment manufac- turer. 3C Packaging, Clayton, NC; 919/553-4113; http://3cpackaging. com. booth N-652 supersealer A global manufacturer of bench tools and equipment used in 3-D printing, electronics, and industry product assembly will show its newly redesigned medical supersealer. It features comprehensive controls and diagnostics to satisfy stringent FDA standards. The system offers a motorized pedestal, a sensor for broken bands, a wrinkle detector, and positive band tracking. It also has a PLC touchscreen panel, allow- ing the machine to monitor vari- ables at all times, according to the company. The machine offers an ethernet connection to record and provide hard drive memory storage all pouches being sealed. The sealer is also available to meet GS1/UDI standards. The PLC touchscreen also enables all information required for easy calibration and validation. OK International, Marlboro, MA; 508/303-8286; booth C-2636 tablet Press Machine A designer and manufacturer of automatic machines for pharma- ceutical processing and packaging will be exhibiting its new tablet press machine. Designed with Italian style, the machine is based on a con- cept from one of the company's ear- lier systems, sepa- r a t i n g b e t w e e n p r o c e s s i n g a n d mechanical areas due to purposely- designed seals and protections. The d e s i g n a l s o p r o - vides a fully accessible processing area once the external doors are opened, and the company states access to the machine's basement is required only for maintenance. The Prexima machine's compres- sion support is based on three col- umns linked together by two cast iron structures. The company states the compression rollers are incorpo- rated within the two structures and supported on both sides. The main compression forces are guaranteed by the company to reach up to 100 kN. IMA Active, Bologna, Italy; +39 051 6514111; booth C-2214

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