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38 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News September/October 2015 Packaging Resource Center show coverage achieves speeds up to 50 cycles per minute, according to the company. It also states that pouch size change- over is a five-minute operation via a touch screen command. Efytec USA, De Pere, WI. 941/302-0587, booth C-2625 Picker line with 3-D scanner A manufacturer of flexible packag- ing and filling machines will pres- ent its new picker line, which is equipped with 3-D scanner tech- nology. According to the compa- ny, the advantages of the new 3-D scanner will be demonstrated by means of a pick-and-place process using wooden dummies in different shapes and col- o r s . U s i n g t h e d a t a f r o m t h e 3-D scanner, the company states t h a t t h e T L M packaging line's v i s i o n s y s t e m determines the t h r e e - d i m e n - sional shape of the product to b e p a c k a g e d . Then, the 3-D i n f o r m a t i o n m a k e s v i s i o n r e c o g n i t i o n more intelligent due to the addi- tional informa- tion from a third dimension—the product height. S c h u b e r t , C r a i l s h e i m , Germany; +49 7951 / 400 – 0; w w w . g e r h a r d - booth N-732 automated Closing Machine A manufacturer of filling and closing machines will debut a high precision, automated closing machine designed for small private-label R&D and con- tract manufacturing. According to the company, it allows the processing of screw caps, press-on caps, appli- cators, and dispenser pumps on the same unit. Other attributes of the lite-C include torqueing, alignment, or push-on modes, torque monitor- ing for every closure, minimal change parts, recipe management, puck or puck-less operations, industrial PC control, and a customizable con- veyor. The machine aims to fill the gap between manual tabletop units and fully automated high-speed pro- duction. Groninger, Crailsheim, Germany; +49 7951 495-0; www. booth N-711 Clear Code system A full service designer and manu- facturer of printed packaging com- ponents will debut its new coating for coding applications. The com- pany states that the application is a next-generation system employ- ing an industrial CO2 laser, which works with a clear coating by causing a color change reaction to produce a positive contrast image. The result is enhanced clarity and contrast, according to the company. In just its

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