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NEW PRODUCTS A system is designed to help pharma- ceutical companies comply with all the specifications of EU Directive 2011/62/EU governing protection against falsification. The XMV-TE combines serialization, tamper evidence sealing, and process moni- toring components into one system that can be easily integrated into new and existing produc- tion lines. The system also can be networked with data management systems. The complete XMV-TE system con- tains a marking system that provides pharma- ceutical packaging with a unique serial number for end-to-end traceability, as well as a tamper evi- dence module that uses a safety seal to indicate potential attempted tam- pering. Both procedures are designed to meet the specifications of Directive 2011/62/EU, and the product sealing is compliant with the relevant CEN standard 16679, the company reports. With a total system length of only 1.5 meters, all the components necessary for protection against falsification are integrated into the XMV-TE. An ink- jet labeling system prints each item with a unique serial number and a Data Matrix code, which is verified by a smart camera. Next, a sealing mod- ule seals the tabs of the cardboard boxes with a transparent tamper- evident seal. Any attempt to open the packaging leaves behind visible traces, providing evidence of tampering. Finally, an integrated reject system collects all the packaging that has been identified as faulty—such as where the serial number printing has been deemed illegible, for example—in a storage container. The XMV-TE is designed for maximum process reliability and user- friendliness. Its complete housing can be locked electromagnetically, but all components are still easily accessible via a transparent cover. This allows maintenance, product replacement, and cleaning to be carried out quickly and with ease, the company states. The system also features all the necessary connections and interfaces for integration into a line or site man- agement system. Mettler-Toledo PCE (Pharmacontrol Electron- ic) and CI-Vision, ci-vision. Dual-Chamber Dispenser A dual-chamber dispenser is suitable for applications that require equal quantities of two ingredients to remain separate until the very moment of use. The 40-mm "50-50" is available in single- or dual-nozzle versions. The solution was announced just after the company's dual-chambered, one- touch foamer, which creates soft creamy foam without propel- lants. Unlike the company's AB dispensers, con- figured with two chambers and two dispensing heads for easy and efcient con- sumer application of morning/ evening or regimen-type products, the new "50-50" model is designed with two chambers and one dispensing head. Product catego- ries include skin care, sunless tanning, and others that require ingredient separation or need precise mixing and blending at the moment of applica- tion. VariBlend, Robots A robotic solution is designed to help machine builders add efcient pick- and-place capability to packaging and small-parts assembly-line projects. The Sysmac Delta Robot series can achieve up to 200 cycles per minute and can be synchronized with multiple conveyors to perform on-the-fly pick-and-place operations. There are currently four robot sizes available: Standard Delta, Extended Reach Delta, Washdown Delta, and Mini Delta robot. The integrated solution ofers the capability to integrate machine control, motion, remote I/O, HMI, safety, vision, and robotics all in one controller, over one network, using one programming soft- ware. Utilizing the EtherCAT motion network, the Sysmac-NJ Controller ofers maximum speed, accuracy, and predictability. The number of axes includes up to 3 plus 1 optional rota- tional axis, and the reach ranges from 450 (Mini) to 1300 mm (Extended Reach, Washdown). Payload ranges from 1 to 3 kg. Omron Automation and Safety, Traceability and Tamper Evidence Solution September/October2015Pharmaceutical&MedicalPackagingNews• 35

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