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Page 31 of 43 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News September/October 2015 32 Form-Fill-Seal Horizontal Pouching A new system can produce up to 1200 fnished items per minute. By Daphne Allen, Editor C ircle Packaging Machin- ery is adding a new high- speed horizontal towelette/ pad/wipe machine to its lineup, and Kari Button, marketing coordinator, says the new machine can be used for pharmaceu- tical or medical product applications. The H22S High Speed Horizontal Towelette/Pad/Wipe machine can produce no-fold, single-fold, and double-fold products. "Circle Packaging machines have been sold to package everything from applicator pads, to test strips and cas- settes, to exam gloves and wound dressings as well as packets of specific components such as catheters," says Gus Skapek, Circle Packaging's vice president of sales and marketing. Describing the pouch materials that can be sealed with the machine, Ska- pek says that "most films are what we refer to as 'hard films' (such as polypropylene). These are materi- als designed to be run on machines that use heat and pressure to create a seal." The system can seal DuPont Tyvek, "as long as it also has seal- ant (PE) on the reverse side," says Skapek. "This could be a laminated material where Tyvek is on the exte- rior and one of the inner layers is PE (polyethylene)." Skapek says that "all of our prod- uct contact parts are already made of FDA-approved materials. In addition, we ofer a stainless-steel version of our machine for those environments that require it." Circle Packaging also offers an option referred to as "Seal Param- eters," he adds. "This option helps monitor the machine seal dynamics in real time so that the end-user sees exactly how the seal section is per- forming. If there are indications that the machine is no longer performing as specified, it ofers up visual aids as well as the option to come to a stop. These, by the way, are all user-defined variables; the customer can tailor the equipment to reflect their particular operating expectations." The equipment is available in a wide working width and with a fast cycle speed, which enable the machine to produce as many as 1200 finished items per minute. " T h e m a x i m u m m a c h i n e width offered today is 30 in. in width," explains Skapek. "Product characteristics will ultimately deter- mine how wide each product pack can be. In terms of package length, this is a continuous motion, servo driven machine, so in theory, there is no limit as to how long the pack can be. Presently, the longest product that we package is around 50 in. in length." Circle Packaging Machinery will be at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth C-2625. 0 The H22S High-Speed Horizontal Towelette/Pad/Wipe Machine can produce no-fold, single-fold, and double-fold products.

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