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SupplyChain • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News September/October 2015 18 Signatures are stored in the cloud Derive unique Signatures Enable real-time authenticity of candidates Capturing Unique Signatures W hen it comes to most pharma- ceutical product identification activities today, companies are focusing on compliance with serial- ization requirements, observes Darryl Brown, vice president of global strate- gic marketing at Systech International. Most appear to be using or considering using serialized numeric codes repre- sented by both automatic identification and human-readable codes. But in addition to using serialized numbering schemes to comply with international regulations and populate shared databases, pharma manufactur- ers may also want to consider another layer of identification that doesn't add anything additional to the packaging or labeling, says Brown. Systech has developed an approach that can capture normal printing varia- tions through vision inspection and turn minute overt differences into unique covert security "signatures" that can support brand protection, patient engagement, and business intelligence. C a l l e d U n i S e c u r e , t h e s y s t e m "leverages existing marks" with "no packaging modifications required," Systech reports. The process begins with Systech's UniSign software, which captures images of data carriers (which can be serialized) through in-line vision inspection. Then UniSign analyzes the image of the printed mark and creates the UniSignature. That signature is then turned into a code that is sent to Systech's UniStore, an on-demand, cloud-based repository. Systech can interface with a num- ber of hardware vendors supporting serialization on packaging lines. Vision inspection systems must meet the mini- mum image-capture speeds necessary for creating the signature. "We pro- vide an appliance, and the custom- er mounts the camera," says Brown. "Our software can link multiple pieces of hardware and software." Systech claims there is no known means to circumvent UniSecure. "It's impossible to reverse engineer these signatures," says Brown. "To copy it, you would have to get the exact same paper with the same grain, use the same printer on the same packag- Under the UniSecure system, Systech's UniSign software creates the UniSignature, which is turned into a code that is sent to Systech's UniStore cloud-based repository. Products can then be authenticated in the feld. A vision-enabled approach captures the uniqueness of printed packaging and labeling in order to create another layer of brand protection. By Daphne Allen Editor

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