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98 SUMMER 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com 2015/2016 Directory Search online at www.PackagingDigest.com/Directory S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT (logo here) Universal Robots Description Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with lightweight and flexible industrial robot arms. The company is headquartered in Odense, Denmark where all development and production is carried out. Since the first UR robot entered the market in December 2008, the company has seen substantial growth with the user-friendly, collaborative robots now being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide through a global distribution network. Average payback period for UR robots is the fastest in the industry with only 195 days. Products UR robots automate production even in small operations where robotics is viewed as costly and complex. Programming is done through intuitive touch screen, eliminating need for skilled programmers - simply grab the robot arm to show it the desired movement, or use the arrow keys on the handheld touch screen. Due to the robots' light weight and simple programming, they are easily moved around to complete both detailed, high volume and short run packaging tasks. Unlike traditional industrial robots, a UR robot can be used directly alongside humans with no safety guarding after risk assessment; innovative force-sensing technology enables the robot to stop operating if it comes into contact with an employee. Of the more than 4,000 UR robots now in operation globally, 80% of these operate with no safety guard. The product portfolio includes the collaborative UR3, UR5 and UR10 robot arms named after their payloads in kilos. The six-axis robot arms have a reach of up to 51.2" with a repeatability of +/- .004". Recent developments The Danish robot manufacturer has just been acquired by Teradyne, a leading supplier of automated test equipment used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage, and complex electronic systems. 2015 also saw the launch of the UR3, which is the world's most flexible, lightweight table-top robot to work alongside humans. S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Universal Robots 11 Technology Drive East Setauket, NY 11733, USA Tel: 631-610-9664 E-mail: ur.na@universal-robots.com Web Site: www.universal-robots.com KEY PERSONNEL Scott Mabie General Manager, Americas Division Cynthia Kradjel Area Sales Manager - East S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT (logo here) Valco Melton Description Established in 1952, Valco Melton is one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive application and quality assurance equipment across the packaging, paper converting, graphic arts and nonwoven industries. We specialize in the manufacturing, packaging and sealing of items such as corrugated boxes and cartons across 12 markets. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with research, distribution and manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China and India, Valco Melton offers world class dispensing systems and quality inspection solutions to customers from +76 countries worldwide. Products Improve OEE and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with the All-Electric CHOICE TM System The All-Electric CHOICE TM offers a new and sustainable concept for hot melt dispensing by reducing adhesive usage, improving production line efficiency, and eliminating consumable parts and downtime. Featuring EcoStitch TM technology, this eco-conscious valve can reduce adhesive usage up to 75% and was recently recognized for its key role in the 2014 PMMI Packaging Line of the Year. Real Time Hot Melt Inspection for End-of-Line Packaging with PackChekā„¢ System The award-winning PackChek TM System combines thermal and visual imaging to inspect every package and guarantee proper hot melt application in real time. If your customers are complaining about: pop-opens; missed glue application; or out-of-line, missing, or torn flaps, solve all three with PackChek. EC Series Hot Melt Adhesive Melters The EC Series is the indisputable standard in hot melt dispensing equipment for the packaging industry. Easily installed on any new or existing packaging line, the EC Series combines a durable and simple design with superior performance and safety. Recent Developments NEW, Melt on Demand electric Kube TM The eKube TM for melt on demand adhesive dispensing is a new option in the All-Electric CHOICE TM system solution. Featuring a small footprint with multiple mount configurations for easy install, eKube has been specifically designed with food and beverage packagers in mind. S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E S U P P L I E R P R O F I L E MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Valco Melton 497 Circle Freeway Drive, Suite 490 Cincinnati, OH 45243, USA Tel: 513-874-6550 E-mail: ask@valcomelton.com Web Site: valcomelton.com OTHER LOCATIONS Valco Melton - Spain Pol. Industrial Agustinos 31160 Orcoyen, Navarra, Spain Tel: +34 948 321 580 Valco Melton - China Xiamen, Fujian Tel: +86 592 591 7854 KEY PERSONNEL Paul Chambers VP, Sales and Marketing Gary Manning National Sales Manager Andy Stamp National Sales/Product Manager, Hot Melt Gonzalo Marco General Manager (Europe) See us at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth #C-1854

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