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34 BEST PRACTICES // SUMMER 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com direction as the part passes under the label head in a single, unique process, made possible by the curvature of the design." A vision inspection system then confrms the labels presence and position. Te simultaneous label application is repeatable and has another beneft, according to Lee: "Te single-pass process improves run efciency, virtually eliminating label-to-label registration concerns while also eliminating label bubbling or warping with no overhang due to precision placement." Labeled bases and lids are "stacked" for shipment (rather than being "nested") due to an ingenious undercut design in the four "corners" of the base and lid (see photo on p.31) that does two things: 1. Keeps parts separated for easy denesting on P&G's packaging line; 2. Allows the lid to snap into the base in a secure ft so heat sealing, welding or gluing is not needed. Lee afrms that they conducted extensive testing to make sure the package didn't pop open during drop tests yet could still be easily opened by the consumer via the bottom pull tabs. Continued on page 36 And Neither Should You. As consumers increasingly question food and packaging safety, Ashland is helping you mitigate risk. Introducing Safecure™ 320/440 and Purelam™ 9500/9240 — two innovative solvent-free adhesives that offer ultra-low to no aromatic amine migration, providing a safer alternative to other laminating adhesives available today. For the latest insights on migration risk assessment, don't miss Joe Spinnato's presentation "The Regulatory and Risk Landscape for Flexible Food Packaging" at Pack Expo Las Vegas • Innvation Stage • Monday, Sept. 28 • 10 a.m. To learn more, or call us today at +1 866 514 8898 or visit ashland.com/pe2/safepackaging. Wi t h good c hemis t r y great things happen. ™ See us at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth #S-7786 ® Registered trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries ™ Trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries © 2014, Ashland AD-12840 The fat-profle tube of liquid foundation sits on an angle within the blister package for two reasons: to ft in a major retailer's spring-loaded pusher display and so the fuidity of the sloping front communicates the product's "smooth" promise. Blister bases are automatically picked and placed onto pucks for labeling prior to being shipped to Procter & Gamble. In this image, fnished blisters move under an optical check station to verify label presence and correct positioning prior to automatically unloading for pack-out.

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