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20 TRENDS // summer 2015 www.PackagingDigest.com 3 tactics for provocative packaging promotions 7Up, U by Kotex and Barbasol use promotional packaging this summer to help make consumers feel like they are getting something special and unique—because they are. Rick Barrack, Contributing Writer People are willing to go to great lengths to attract our attention—just look at presidential candidate Donald Trump and his latest shock-worthy remarks. Brands, like people, often do the same to regain market share, increase sales and/or grow their consumer base. Tey come out with new product innovations. Tey redesign their packaging. Tey create new formulas—gluten-free/sugar-free/fat- free—you name it. And they employ one of the best ways for a brand to get consumers' attention: Tey launch a promotional packaging campaign. Promotional packaging often features unique graphics, compelling messaging and a call-to-action that creates intrigue, promotes trial and provokes purchase. In this age where it seems like everything is readily available (and via two-day shipping nonetheless), consumers need to feel like they are getting something unique to make a purchase. Brands like Coca-Cola and M&M's understand this, and have responded accordingly with inspiring campaigns. Coke has been personalizing its cans with people's names to delight and encourage selfe-centric consumers to buy its products. M&M's not only fnds innovative ways to surprise its consumers with new products, it also presents its fun-loving candy characters in a variety of seasonal outfts and situations worthy of collecting. Because I'm always on the lookout for provocative new promotional packaging, I recently hit the supermarket to see what novel campaigns had cropped up for summer 2015. I noticed that this year's summer promotions use three distinctive tactics to speak to consumers: 1. Embrace a trend. 2. Develop strategic partnerships. 3. Get seasonal. Let's look at each tactic. 1 on trend, on the dance foor It's nothing new for a brand to want to stay on trend, but it is always impressive when they are able to target an unmet demographic at the same time. Tat's what 7Up is doing with its new EDM-inspired cans. Recognizing that there was a void for products that targeted Hispanic Millennials, which comprised 38% of the market, 7Up went after this segment of positive, experience-seeking young people. At the same time, 7Up also recognized that no beverage brand was capitalizing on the huge Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trend that is so popular with Millennials, and decided to take action. Te 7Up team created new promotional packaging that is vibrant, colorful and cool—the kind of packaging that Millennials want to be seen holding in their hands. A partnership with EDM stars Martin Garrix and Tiesto led to the creation of cans that convey the energy of an all-night EDM party. Tese designs refect diferent consumers' distinctive style and capture the essence of this music trend. 2 partnering for success In recent years, retailers have gotten savvy about how to use promotional packaging exclusive to their stores as a way to keep consumers loyal and to keep brands happy. Tat's what happened when Target teamed up with U by Kotex on its Style n' Store boxes. 1. The Electric Dance Music (EDM) trend inspired 7Up to create special packaging for Hispanic Millennials by partnering with EDM stars Martin Garrix and Tiesto. 3. Barbasol has created limited-edition "Jurassic World" co-branded packaging designs with images of roving and fying dinosaurs.

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