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July/August 20XX Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • 63 Company Name Address City, ST ZIP Tel: 000/000-0000 Fax: 000/000-0000 E-mail: Web site: Key Personnel: Name Title Company Logo Pict ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9002 DESCRIPTION Schreiner MediPharm is a global leader with over 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative specialty labels with value-added benefits for the demanding healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. As a high-quality supplier and reliable partner to the biggest names in the healthcare market, the family-owned company provides specialty labels and label printing services in over 20 countries. FACILITIES Schreiner MediPharm has its world headquarters in Oberschleissheim, near Munich, Germany, and U.S. headquarters in Blauvelt, New York, 30 miles from New York City. The 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art U.S. facility features a variety of advanced screen and flexo printing technologies and is fully validated and ISO-certified to meet today's most demanding labeling challenges. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Schreiner MediPharm develops customer-specific, intelligent labeling and printing solutions with value-added functions. The company's product line includes specialty peel-off labels; labels with integrated hangers; multipage la- bels; brand protection and RFID solu- tions; and functional syringe labels to simplify the dispensing and administer- ing of pharmaceuticals to advance safety and reduce costs. One example: Needle-Trap is a cost-effective labeling solution to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare providers. An integrated safety mechanism allows needles to be quickly and safely secured after use. Needle-Trap, which has been awarded FDA 510(k) clearance for marketing in the United States, can be easily incorporated into conventional labeling systems and is adaptable to most common syringe types. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS • Schreiner MediPharm's new Flexi-Cap features a first- opening indication security solution that prevents the illegal reuse of medicine containers under the guise of being unopened, original products. Flexi-Cap comprises a label combined with a cap – a capping similar to the cover for wine bottles but adapted to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The result is clear and irreversible indication that a primary container has been opened. • Schreiner MediPharm's low migration labels for plastic containers utilize qualified adhesive systems, materials, and inks to suit a wide range of applications. Compared to glass, plastic containers bring an increased risk of package-to-product migration, meaning that solvents contained in inks, adhesives, and film materials could migrate through the packaging over time. Schreiner MediPharm's low migration label solutions address this risk by not compromising the drugs housed in plastic containers. Schreiner MediPharm A BUSINESS UNIT OF SCHREINER GROUP LP 300 Corporate Drive, Suite 10 Blauvelt, NY 10913 Tel: 845/848-9000 Fax: 845/848-9041 E-mail: Web site: Key Personnel: Gene Dul President July/August 2015 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • 63

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