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40 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News July/August 20XX Company Name Address City, ST ZIP Tel: 000/000-0000 Fax: 000/000-0000 E-mail: Web site: Key Personnel: Name Title Company Logo ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 ISO 9002 ISO 9002 DESCRIPTION James Alexander Corporation is a privately-owned company recognized for its innovations in single-use glass ampoule packaging and development of a revolutionary single-use plastic ampoule delivery system for contract packaging applications. The company of ers contract manufacturing services and single-use packaging solutions including crushable glass ampoules, snap-top vials, plastic ampoules, unit-dose swabs, inhalants, and dropper tip assemblies. FACILITIES James Alexander Corp. operates from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in northern New Jersey. Among the many services provided by JAC's expert staf are packaging design and development, compounding, sample runs, prototyping, sterilization, and further packaging. PRODUCTS Unit-Dose Glass Swabs: James Alexander Corp.'s unit-dose swabs of er the stability of glass in one- or two-part systems allow- ing for convenient application of pharmaceuticals and health aids. JAC also produces single-use glass ampoules for inhalation, drop- per tip assemblies for the dispensing of liquids, and tandem appli- cations where two substances are mixed immediately prior to use, as is the case with certain topical pharmaceuticals. Plastic Unit-Dose Dispensing Systems: James Alexander Corp.'s revolutionary plastic ampoule combines style and ease of use through single-handed activation. With just a gentle squeeze, the inner membrane ruptures, allowing the contents to be dispensed by the user. The plastic ampoule is available in sizes up to 5ml, as well as a range of colors and versions, and is ideal for applications where the presence of glass is unnecessary. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS James Alexander Corp.'s DuoDispersion System® is a refi nement to the company's well-regarded tan- dem swab package. Safe and easy to use, the tandem dropper or swab can be customized to hold small- volume, dual-product medicines; each individual formula is hermetically sealed in its own container. The DuoDispersion System® can hold a combined volume of 1.2mls that are kept separate until the point of application. Two versions of the DuoDispersion System® are available: a dropper tip and a swab for topical application. James Alexander Corp. 845 Route 94 Blairstown, NJ 07825 Tel: 908/362-9266 Fax: 908/362-5019 E-mail: Web site: Key Personnel: Francesca Fazzolari, President David Robinson, Vice President Carol Gamsby, Director of Sales 40 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News July/August 2015

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