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marketplace In Focus 32 | Summer 2015 European Medical Device Technology emdt.co.uk Pumps and Valves Check valves The extensive line of check valves available from Qosina Corp., a global supplier of stock disposable components to medical and pharmaceutical OEMs, includes a variety of styles, all ready for immediate shipment. High-flow valves feature low flow resistance, low opening pressure and a positive seal against backflow. In-line valves offer low cracking pressure; if back pressure is a concern, a variety of duckbill valves are available. Luer-activated check valves have a needleless design that features a closed silicone plug that blocks flow until mechanically opened with a male luer connector. Dual check valves allow injection and aspiration from separate ports of a single connector. Flow- rate, material, cracking-pressure and back- pressure options are available, as are check valve sample kits for testing purposes. Qosina Corp. Edgewood, NY, USA +1 631 242 3000 www.qosina.com Fluid control microvalve The Type 6712 WhisperValve microvalve from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems controls the flow rate of liquids quietly while satisfying modern requirements for fluid control systems in medical technologies, that is, to minimise liquid consumption, minimise apparatus size, minimise the dosing and wash cycles, and, especially, minimise the distance to the application. At 7 mm wide and 26 mm high, the microvalve fits in miniature apparatus. Its width makes it suitable for 9-mm titre plates, but it can also be installed in smaller spaces. For applications in dispensing arms, pipetting arms and dosing robots its low overall weight is an added advantage. The valve's power consumption is low as well; in both switching and holding it uses less than 1 W. The media-separated 2/2-way valve, owing to its nonimpact actuator, operates at a sound level below 36 dB. The metal-to-metal contact noise typical of a solenoid valve is not an issue with this microvalve. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems Ingelfingen, Germany +49 7940 100 www.burkert.com Modular syringe pumps Syringe pump modules are used by the ISO 13485–certified supplier Sonceboz SA to make intelligent custom syringe pumps for medical OEMs. Pumps can be configured that include a manual- set-to-starting-position feature, or that accommodate variously sized syringes, or that incorporate an extra sensor. The aim is to include in the design only the specific features required for the application. The base module of the syringe pump, which includes an integrated printed circuit board with a driver that is either the customer's own or one custom- developed by the supplier, delivers a force of approximately 70 N at speeds to 9 mm/ sec. Stroke length is selectable, and the linear increment per full step is 5 µm. An incremental encoder provides position feedback, and a special sensor detects the end of the stroke. The manufacturer specialises in the design, development and production of mechatronic drive systems and of electric motors that operate in challenging environments. Sonceboz SA Sonceboz, Switzerland +41 32 488 1111 www.sonceboz.com Diaphragm pump The quiet-running Thomas 1610 diaphragm pump is designed to provide reliable, consistent, high-precision performance in laboratory devices and medical equipment. Available from Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH, the pump is silent even when running under full load. Because the low sound level remains stable over the entire performance range, this pump is suited for equipment used in the vicinity of patients and medical staff. It is also a vacuum pump whose component optimisation makes it capable of being evacuated rapidly. Its quick draw-down, engineered to exceed industry standards for precision and speed, ensures exact measurement in laboratory applications. Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany +49 8141 228 00 www.gd-thomas.com

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