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marketplace In Focus 28 | Summer 2015 European Medical Device Technology emdt.co.uk Electronic Components Waterproof cable connectors The Pisces range of waterproof electronic connectors meet the standards of the IP68 rating for protection against ingress of moisture not only when connected but also when disconnected while in service for the purposes of calibration, repair, module exchange or connection of ancillary equipment. Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, a specialist manufacturer of waterproof and radio-frequency connectors and low-loss cable harnesses, has designed the connector plug and jack to remain waterproof while disconnected; this differs from other cable systems in which the connector casing acts as the seal, requiring the connector to be mated for assurance of waterproofing. The connector series has been extended to include connector and cable termination options suitable for most coaxial, triaxial and twin-axial types of waterproof connector. Connectors are available in SMA, TNC and Type N cable plug options for connection to a variety of cables, including low-loss (LMR), RG, semirigid and semiflexible designs. All plugs have matching jacks to prevent moisture ingress when disconnected. Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd Chelmsford, UK +44 1245 347 145 www.intelliconnect.co.uk Infusion flow sensor The disposable LD20-2000T liquid-flow sensor from the sensor technology specialist Sensirion AG features a two-piece click-in redesign intended to improve the device's cost-efficiency while retaining its good liquid-flow measurement performance in a minimal footprint. In this design, the core sensing element is separated from other complex electronics. The click-in connection between the disposable sensor element and the reusable part provides a quick, easy means of communication and mechanically integrating the sensor. This sensor is suited for such medical drug- delivery applications as infusion devices, catheters and the like, in which rate control of low flows and the monitoring of failure modes are essential to patient safety and therapeutic quality. Sensirion AG Staefa, Switzerland +41 44 306 4000 www.sensirion.com Modular battery system The mobile power system provider Anton/ Bauer presents the Elora modular battery system to optimise battery management for any portable point-of-care technology, including mobile workstations, vital signs monitors and ECG monitors. Designed to enable uninterrupted work flow, the system consists of a lightweight, impact-resistant, high-capacity 240-Wh lithium-ion battery that charges in approximately four hours, a wall-mounted smart charger that can charge three batteries simultaneously, a battery interface that can be integrated easily with nearly every mobile workstation, patient-monitoring system or mobile medical device that requires power, and a patented on-cart fuel gauge that communicates remaining run time via a clearly visible icon on an LCD screen. The 4-lb battery incorporates advanced protection circuitry to ensure long operating life, and the charger indicates which battery should be used next to ensure proper cycling and maximised life. The scalable, small-form-factor battery interface is designed to make battery installation and removal easy and to ensure a secure battery fit; also, it provides Modular connection system Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG, in cooperation with Murrelektronik GmbH, has expanded its line of Multiline Adaptive modular systems with multiple equipment connectors through the development of the Multiline E, whose adaptive inserts can be equipped with electrical and electronic connections as well as pneumatic ones. The original modular kit system allowed a single multiple-capability interface to handle connections for pneumatics, gases, coolants and fluids; with the latest innovation, the system's adaptive inserts can include push-in connectors for electric and electronic cables. The Multiline Adaptive system is designed for connecting functional groups to machines. To allow integration of Murrelektronik's electrical connectors and thus accommodate all of that company's automation components, Eisele optimised the design of the system's base body, which can be made of stainless steel or anodised aluminium. Options include A-coding, Cube6, Profibus, Ethernet and 3 to 12 pins. Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG Waiblingen, Germany +49 7151 171 90 www.eisele.eu

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