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The Latest in New Products Packaging Resource Center Packaging Resource Center NEW PRODUCTS • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News May/June 2015 34 Bulk Insulated Container A new reusable bulk insulated contain- er features a 1200 mm × 800 mm foot- print and 440 liters of storage capacity for storing and distributing dry ice and perishable goods globally. Featuring foam adhesion and sidewall construc- tion design, the system ofers optimal footprint and internal cube utilization, along with the improved dry ice sub- limation performance, for a container that could help reduce operating cost of ownership, maximize return on investment, and preserve the quality of dry ice and perishable goods, the company reports. It is the latest addi- tion to ThermoSafe's reusable bulk insulated container product line, which ranges from 113 to 2095 liters (4 to 74 cubic feet) of storage capacity. The company is a global provider of tem- perature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of phar- maceuticals, biologics, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive products. Its shipping solutions mitigate risk for customers and ensure product efcacy throughout the extremes of a supply chain. Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco, Film Splicer An automatic web splicing system for printed sleeve films is designed to increase line efficiency in sleeved packaging operations by eliminating film roll change downtime. Film roll changes must occur in shrink sleeve packaging applications as frequently as once every 18 minutes, and changing the roll by hand wastes one to three minutes of production time, the com- pany reports. By incorporating the new SP3HSL Series Automatic Film Splicer, roll change time is eliminated, thereby increasing line efficiency by 9% or more in these applications, it is reported. The system is capable of running at speeds of up to 450 feet per minute (FPM). The splicer will be sold both through OEM machine build- ers for new production lines and for retro-fit installation on existing packag- ing lines. Butler Automatic, www. Cold-Form Laminate A cold-form laminate is available for sensitive, hygroscopic pharmaceuti- cal and biopharmaceutical products. Three-ply, cold-formable WinForm 25-45-60 contains a 45-micron foil sandwiched between a 60-micron PVC film and a proprietary 25-micron film that allows the laminate to stretch in three directions for deeper draw cavi- ties without delamination, cracks, and other stresses, the company says. Win- Form 25-45-60 can optimize machine speeds due to the added strength and flexibility of the blister laminate, the company reports. Technical services are available to help customers ensure proper tooling design and forming of WinForm 25-45-60 with no impact on barrier properties. Winpak, www. Patient Adherence Collaboration Calendared medication packaging can feature a link to a software-as-a- service (SaaS) medication adherence and patient engagement platform. Not only will this linkage in MWV's pack- age connect patients to HealthPrize's digital engagement programs, but HealthPrize will also offer providers real-time verification of their patients' medication refills via scanning of the packaging. This data will help provid- ers target patients in need of additional adherence counseling or other forms of assistance, the companies report. The HealthPrize platform leverages a combination of gamification, behav- ioral economic concepts, education and rewards to maximize motivational impact. In partnership with MWV, the HealthPrize programming now also can include education about the usage of adherence packaging and its

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