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SupplyChain • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News May/June 2015 16 Controlling Serialized Packages with Robots A rail-based robotic system has expanded its reach into item-level serialization. By Daphne Allen Editor G erhard Schubert GmbH has ofered its TLM robot technol- ogy to pharmaceutical manu- facturers for more than 20 years for operations that package vials, syring- es, ampules, and other formats into cartons and blisters. With item-seri- alization requirements phasing in all over the world, Schubert-Pharma has developed the Transmodul for sup- porting serialization requirements on packaging machines employing the TLM approach. While the Transmod- ul was introduced in 2009, its latest version launched in 2013. Carsten Peters, unit manager, sales at Schubert-Pharma, tells PMP News that the Transmodul is an intelligent single-axis transport robot that allows full control above the product in all sit- uations of the packaging process. And "100% tracking is ensured," he says. The newest approach employs "a Line Management System (LMS) used for the communication/interface in between the machine controls (VMS) and MES/SAP systems on the factory site," he reports. "All relevant data for T&T is handled in the LMS." VMS is a machine control system similar to conventional control systems such as Siemens or Allen Bradley. Pharmaceutical products are identi- fied in the beginning of the packaging process. Given the full control above its position within the packaging pro- cess, "an easy aggregation of the indi- vidual serial number of each product into the next consequentional packag- ing step is guaranteed," Peters says. Aggregation is handled within the soft- ware of the LMS. For an international company, S c h u b e r t - P h a r m a d e v e l o p e d a n approach in which Bollini codes were applied within the packaging pro- cess onto the single syringe carton (or multi carton). "The Bollini data is read via cameras and communicated via LMS to a factory side data archive," explains Peters. All communication taking place between individual machines is han- dled over the LMS system, Peters explains. "The LMS will be the master for all data exchange within a produc- tion line. LMS will collect all relevant The Transmodul robotic system from Schubert-Pharma can handle packages of all shapes. The single-axis robot can ensure 100% tracking.

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