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15 May/June 2015 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • to avoid sharp edges rubbing against the pouch," says Venosh. "One edge of the tray mirrors the shape of a chevron pouch, which eases pack out and ensures consistency for e-beam sterilization." Snap fits were designed throughout all portions of the tray to lock all com- ponents in place. The filled syringe, for instance, is held in the largest pocket of the tray in order to direct users to that area first. In addition, a triangle was formed into the portion of the tray that holds the cannula, which shows opera- tions how to load the tray. "We try to adhere to intuitive design principles so that the design speaks to users on how to use the tray," says Venosh. NovaShield requires both oxy- gen and moisture barrier, Inabinett explains, so a barrier pouch was need- ed. The team chose an opaque bar- rier pouch from Mangar Industries with customer-focused iconic labeling showing package contents. "We started with a metallized pouch used for other products, but we saw some pinholes, and that led us to a new structure," says Inabinett. "During benchtop testing, we saw one failure during bubble leak test- ing. Before we moved to a lidded tray, we went back to Mangar and switched to a laminated structure consisting of PE/foil/biaxally oriented nylon." Inabinett says such a discovery dur- ing benchtop testing demonstrates the importance of testing early during development. "We had huge benchtop challenges with punctures, but we were able to identify new materials, retest, and move forward," he says. "We always do benchtop testing as close to the final testing as possible so we can learn as early as possible whether we will have any issues." "If we hadn't done such testing ear- ly on, we would not have identified design flaws and would have delayed launch," adds Venosh. "We also get as much input as possible from col- l e a g u e s a n d o t h e r d e p a r t m e n t s . Medtronic has a large network of tal- ented and degreed packaging engi- neers with true passion with whom we collaborate." Inabinett advises other engineers to not "assume a double barrier is needed for a product. Double sterile barrier isn't the only way to facilitate aseptic transfer, and it's expensive." "We also know that users have lim- ited space for storage, so we look at the footprint when developing a customer- focused design," Venosh adds. "We strive for the least amount of material in the smallest size while still meeting all product requirements." —Daphne Allen ADDED SAFETY Schubert-Pharma Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 12 74564 Crailsheim / Germany Ph. + 49 (0)7951 494 - 0 Throughout the entire process, the Schubert Transmodule ensures that the product and its packaging are always in a 100% accurately defined condition. In addition, all cameras and printing systems are fully integrated into the control system. The combined effect of all these aspects results in a perfect serialised pharmaceutical packaging process. Never before have Track & Trace solutions been safer and easier! ACHEMA, Frankfurt am Main June 15th - 19th, 2015 – Stand G27 | Hall 3.1

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