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marketplace In Focus 42 | Spring 2015 European Medical Device Technology emdt.co.uk Contract Manufacturing Custom suture and fibre components A contract manufacturer serving medical device manufacturers offers specialised and vertically integrated capabilities in the manufacture and delivery of innovative, fibre-based systems. These capabilities enable Teleflex Medical OEM to control the chemistry and physical properties of materials in order to meet the requirements of specific component and device applications. The company can provide a high degree of customisation in speciality product development, being equipped to take a project from resin to fibre to the final component or suture. It offers a range of absorbable and nonabsorbable materials, sizes and coatings to address performance requirements for strength, flexibility and handling. In addition, the contractor uses a variety of technology platforms in customising a component's straight-pull and knot-pull tensile strength, elongation, and braid pattern. Teleflex Medical OEM Gurnee, IL, USA +1 847 596 3100 www.teleflexmedicaloem.com Polyurethane mouldings Midas Pattern specialises in low-volume polyurethane mouldings for medical and biomedical laboratory applications, particularly equipment enclosures. The company employs as appropriate the economical tooling systems Fastrim, for producing even large prototypes quickly from production materials, and MRIM, a composite tooling system with low setup costs that creates mouldings in volumes of 1 to 2000 per year. Both systems are produced in-house, are accu- rate and can be modified easily to incor- porate changes in design at any stage of tooling and moulding production. The mouldings are supplied fully finished, painted, screen-printed and assembled ready for installation. Midas Pattern Co. Ltd Bedford, UK +44 1234 358 394 w w w.midas-pattern.co.uk Precision laser processing A global medical device component contract manufacturer, MeKo Laser Material Processing is a specialist that cooperates closely with its partners in developing innovative processing procedures to ensure that stringent requirements for component precision and quality are met. The company laser-cuts stents, heart valve frames and other medical prod- ucts made of such metals as nitinol, 316 LVM stainless steel, the cobalt alloy L605, and such bioresorbable materials as magnesium and PLLA. It can make cuts and holes with dimensions as small as 10 μm and exhibiting ±5-μm meas- urement accuracy. In addition, the MeKo Laser Material Processing offers a variety of finishing treatments, including electropolishing, annealing and mechanical processing. Through in-house R&D, the contrac- tor can offer materials suitable for manufacturing bioresorbable stents and cardiovascular implants as well as sur- face modifications that optimise coating adhesion. Cleaning and final inspection are also part of the company's service package. MeKo Laser Material Processing Sarstedt, Germany + 49 5066-7079-0 w w w.meko.de Contract manufacturing services The full-service medical device contract manufacturer Micro offers three production capabilities that can add value to finished surgical and medical devices, components and subassemblies. One is an electrolytic dissolution process that electrochemically removes metal from a workpiece such that an intricate and accurately machined part results. This economical technique is suitable for producing surgical and orthopaedic components with highly complex shapes. Another is the addition of a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centre equipped for precision machining of medical device components. The centre features CNC Swiss turning lathes, high-speed CNC milling capability, and four- and five-axis CNC machines that can hold very tight tolerances when used to manufacture complex parts in high volume. The third capability is the metal-injection moulding of near-net- shaped small components whose intricacies can be produced to tight dimensional tolerances without conventional machining. Micro Somerset, NJ, USA +1 732 302 0800 www.micro-co.com

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