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Company Background Personna is one of the world's largest producers of professional, medical, and industrial blades. Our 140 years of knowledge and experience in blade manufacturing enables Personna to produce some of the highest quality specialty and medical blades available in the world. With a commitment to quality, performance and productivity, our goal is to consistently provide the sharpest and most durable products of their kind. To that end, Personna is investing in new equipment, manufac- turing processes and technologies to push the envelope on lab performance. Cleanroom Personna Cleanroom Blades and Safety systems offer unparalleled perfor- mance, safety, and cleanness for use in cleanroom operations and medical device manufacturing. Our blades are designed to meet the rigorous clean, safety and sharpness standards of large and small scale manufacturing opera- tions. Personna Single and Double Edge Blades come in a variety of edge configurations, pack sizes, material types, coatings and levels of cleanness that provide your operation with the consistent performance you demand. Our blades excel at precision opera- tions where extremely tight tolerances are required and safety and cleanness are paramount. GEMĀ® by Personna 3-Facet single edge blades provide superior edges for clean cuts, no more wasted material. The Cleanroom Blades are surgically washed, degreased, and sterilized. Our blades provide: Less Residue Less Foreign Material Finer, More Exact Cut Strength and Durability Waste Prevention An integral part of the Personna blade system is the innovative single edge blades safety dispenser unit. Each unit holds up to 100 single edge blades and dispenses each blade with the simple push of a button. The safety dispenser also incorporates an on-board used blade storage compartment for added safety when discarding blades. Many blade options are available includ- ing Carbon and Stainless, Coated and Uncoated. Personna Single Edge beats the competition for safety and per- formance. When waste reduction and precision matter, choose wisely. Specific Applications: Catheter Processing Cleanroom Dermatology Hair Transplants Pathology Surgical Prep Personna Industrial PO Box 10283 NG18 9HE Mansfield, England Contact Information: Tel: +31 (6224) 10317 Fax: +44 (1623) 638608 Email: mgudden@energizer.com WebSite: www.personnablades.com Key Personnel: Bob Senesac, Director, Marketing Patti Jewell, Associate Product Manager Marc Gudden, Director of Sales, Europe Personna Industrial Personna dispenser delivers blades, one at a time, with the push of a button Personna 3 facet single edge blades offer cleaner cuts for better productivity 40 | Spring 2015 European Medical Device Technology emdt.co.uk

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