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emdt.co.uk European Medical Device Technology Spring 2015 | 39 be attached, according to the customer's specifications. This modularity is created by attaching a precision spindle drive to an electronic control system, and an absolute sensor for position. The integration of these elements can be carried out either by the customer, or by Sonceboz. The use of a mechatronic system permits a reduction in space requirements and gives the product developer more freedom without compromising reliability. The core of the drive is formed by a standard tin can motor with 25 mm diameter, based on permanent magnet stepper motor technology, attached to an integral reduction gearbox; other diameters are available upon request. The total module delivers mechanical performance with forces up to 120 N. Furthermore, the system guarantees a positional accuracy of 8/100, and can withstand a force of 200 N. This compact and precise standard reduction gearbox forms the core of the mechatronic drive system, which will be extended and individually configured in partnership with the customer. Sonceboz Sonceboz , Switzerland +41 32 488 1111 www.sonceboz.com BLDC ring motors A specialist in high-performance electromechanical conversion technology, ThinGap makes and supplies permanent magnet brushless direct-current (BLDC) ring motors featuring an ironless- composite stator and lightweight high-energy rotor. These motors have a tubular form factor, radial flux rotor design, and through hole. Their ironless stators consist of electromagnetic stator conductors embedded in a cylindrical composite structure, a design that results in a coreless cylindrical stator that can be coupled with a dual rotor. The low- inductance stators allow high current- control bandwidth and high motor- controller commutation frequencies. When paired with a high-pole-cont rotor, an ironless stator helps yield a motor with a high power-to-weight ratio. Ring-type BLDC motors' distinctive technology enable more applications than conventional BLDC motors owing to their form factor and mechanical design flexibility, and provide performance advantages as well, according to the company. ThinGap Ventura, CA, USA + 1 805 477-9741 www.thingap.com Drug-dispenser drives Bühler Motor GmbH, a developer of medical equipment drive technology, offers its services as a partner in the development of customer-specific miniaturised electromotive dispensing systems for the administration of injectable drugs. The company can provide electromechanical drives that are precisely adapted and optimised for each medical device manufacturer's drug- dispensing application. It has expertise in the methods and processes involved in the treatment of chronic illnesses by means of such drug-injection apparatuses as bolus injectors and patch pumps and can design drives capable of managing a variety of drug viscosities and dispensing quantities ranging from a few microlitres to 30 ml per injection. Company capabilities extend from prototyping through series production. Bühler Motor GmbH Nuremberg, Germany +49 9114 5040 www.buehlermotor.de Low inertia motor for medical respirator Recent developments in medical respirators have focused on systems with lower inertia motors. Reduced inertia motors improve the breathing comfort of the patient because the pressure profile of the blower can match more accurately the patient's needs. Another advantage is that the electric power consumed to accelerate and decelerate during each cycle is significantly reduced. A consequence is that the electronic circuitry is smaller and simpler and that battery-operated units can last longer. To answer this demand, Electromag has developed a new 32 mm motor with a very low inertia rotor. The motor is designed to cover applications within a speed range of 30,000 and 70,000 rpm with load torque of between 0.5 and 3 mNm. Electromag SA Ecublens, Switzerland +41 21 94 16 00 www.electromag.ch

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