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emdt.co.uk European Medical Device Technology Spring 2015 | 19 Qosina supplies Thousands of Stock Components to the medical OEM and pharmaceutical industries, offering free samples, low minimums, volume pricing and Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. Companies purchase from Qosina to eliminate tooling costs and receive immediate delivery from inventory. Purchasing from Qosina will save you time and money by providing in-stock solutions from our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered facility. Sourcing requests are welcome for tool modifications, hard to find items, subassemblies or tubing to meet your specifications. Request your own copy of our catalog with full-scale illustrations on a one-centimeter grid or visit qosina.com to view our extensive inventory. Our Extensive Inventory: sææ!NGIOGRAPHICæ.EEDLES sæ !PPLICATORS sæ "IOPROCESSINGæ#OMPONENTS sæ #ATHETERæ(UBS sæ #HECKæ6ALVES sæ #LAMPS sæ #LIPS sæ %XTENSIONæ,INES sæ &ORCEPS sæ 'AUZE sæ (EMOSTASISæ6ALVES sæ )NSTRUMENTæ'UARDS sæ +ITæ#OMPONENTS sæ ,UERS sæ -ASKS sææ0ORTS sæ 0OUCHES sæ 1UICKæ$ISCONNECTæ#OUPLINGS sæ 3ANITARYæ&ITTINGS sæ 3CALPELS sæ 3INGLE5SEæ3TAINLESSæ3TEEL sæ 3PIKES sæ 3PONGES sæ 3TOPCOCKS sæ 3WABS sæ 3YRINGES sæ 4ORQUERS sæ 4RAYS sæ 4UOHYæ"ORSTæ!DAPTERS sæ 530æ#LASSæ6)æ4UBING Services Offered sæ )NSTOCKæINVENTORYæOFææ3+5S sæ &REEæSAMPLESæOFæMOSTæITEMS sæ ,OWæMINIMUMS sæ 3UPPLYæ#HAINæ-ANAGEMENTæ sæ 3PECIALIZEDæPRODUCTæSOURCING sæ 6OLUMEæPRICING All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners 88420 Straight Hemostasis Valve Connector, Large Cap ML with Spin Lock 80191 Swabbable Pre-Slit Transfer Valve 90402 Closed MLL Valve Connector 11330 Vented Dust Cap 99877 3-Way Stopcock 2 FLL, Tubing Port 80149 Injection Site, MLL 11759 Breakable MLL Connector 80332 Rotating MLL High Pressure Connector Break-Off Tip 80130 Check Valve Tubing Outlet Reduce Time to Market with Stock Components from Qosina Visit qosina.com to see over 5000 stock components, place orders and request a catalog. Visit Qosina at MEDTEC Europe Booth 5C16, April 21-23, Stuttgart, Germany 150-Q Executive Drive, Edgewood, NY 11717 +1 631-242-3000 info@qosina.com qosina.com

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