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emdt.co.uk European Medical Device Technology Spring 2015 | 9 L I L I CO CO N E E N E E C R O O L D I N G S I S I L M I M O M O ri g i n a l s i z e O r Come closer. This is a silicone micro-component weighing less than 10 mg! High-precision in undercuts and recesses, and now suitable for serial production and two-component technology. www www www www www www w t st st st st .st .st st l arl arl arl arl arl arl a im im im- im- im- im m t ste ste ste ste ste ste sterne rne rne rne rne rne ner. r.com com com com com com +43 7243 58596-0 medtech@star l im-ster ner.c om C ontact star l im//ster ner Sil ic one icr o o lding: Roche and Qualcomm Partner Up Swiss diagnostics giant Roche has announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Life, a subsidiary of the U.S. telecom company Qualcomm. "Together, the companies aim to advance chronic care management using connected therapy to further improve therapy quality, increase convenience and drive patient engage- ment in managing their health," accord- ing to a press release. Roche will leverage Qualcomm Life's wireless 2net Platform to collect patient information from monitoring devices. The first joint effort will be centered on Roche's anticoagulation meters: Data generated by the meters will be trans- mitted via the platform to cloud-based back-end services where they can be accessed by the clinic or care staff. "This collaboration marks a signifi- cant milestone for Roche as we launch a new generation of point-of-care solu- tions that enable healthcare profession- als to better keep in touch remotely with patients, whenever and wherever they are," commented Jeremy Moss, senior vice president, point of care, at Roche Professional Diagnostics. "By combining Qualcomm Life's leadership in power- ing connected health solutions with our point-of-care expertise, we are taking an important step forward to realize our connected care strategy." Roche isn't the first medtech company with big plans for the San Diego-based company's wireless platform. Recently, Roche's rival Novartis signed an agree- ment to use the 2net Platform to facili- tate clinical trials. Today, more than 250 companies employ the platform, which can be used to capture and transmit data from Class I, II and III medical devices. Qualcomm also created a joint $100-million fund with Novartis to invest in digital healthcare. Novartis, in turn, is collaborating with tech pow- erhouse Google to bring its smart lens technology for diabetics to market. There has been much discussion lately about the forthcoming entry of the big IT and electronics companies into the medtech market. -T.K.

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