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q m e d . C o m / m P m n M e D I C A l P R O D u C T M A n u f A C T u R I n g n e W s M A R C h / A P R I l 2 0 1 5 2 7 BIomedevice Boston 2015 Bioabsorbable Polymers Poly-Med Inc. offers such bioabsorbable materials as Max- Prene 955 and lactoprene 8812 for medical device applications. The former is a PglA material similar to the standard 90/10 weight-percent PglA but with the ability to crystallize more rapidly, allowing better melt processing. Multiflament fbers made from this material have tenacities of about 4 gf/den and are available in a range of deniers. Because it degrades quickly once placed in the body, it is suitable for constructing textiles or injection-molded parts with relatively short absorption times. The latter biomaterial, a tougher alternative to PllA, can be used to create fbers, yarns, flms, injection-molded parts, particles, nonwoven fabrics, and textile constructs. It can also be used in the manufacture of orthopedic devices requiring strength for four months or longer. ■ Poly-med Inc. AnDeRsOn, sC Booth #437 LsR Injection molding Capable of injection-molding prototypes and low-volume components, Proto labs Inc. uses medical-grade low-viscosity liquid silicone rubber (lsR)—specifcally, Dow Corning's QP-1 medical lsR— to make parts that are inherently resistant to chemicals and electrical infuence, are biocompatible, maintain their physical properties at extreme temperatures, and can withstand sterilization processes. The manufacturer can deliver as many as 5000 or more medical, surgical, or consumer healthcare components molded from high-reliability lsR within a few weeks. In addition to lsR molding, the service provider offers CnC machining and 3-D printing capabilities, which it employs in its medical device development services. ■ Proto Labs Inc. MAPle PlAIn, Mn Booth #654 Low-Friction thermoplastics A global compounder of custom- engineered thermoplastics for medical device applications, RTP Co. offers tribology data from a newly introduced friction test to help designers of drug-delivery devices select the optimal plastic material for single-use applications. The test has been engineered to predict friction behavior in single- use devices. It takes into account the possible effects of shipping, long periods of inactivity, and cold storage conditions on the friction behavior—particularly stiction—of plastic-on-plastic moving parts. using the new test method, the compounder examined the performance of such base resins as polycarbonate (PC), POM, ABs, PC/ABs, high-density polyethylene, and PBT in a variety of combinations with friction-reducing additives, including PTfe, PfPe oil, several silicones, and the company's own all-polymeric wear alloy. The available test data eliminate the need for designers, OeMs, and molders to conduct exploratory trials when choosing polymers for device construction. ■ RtP Co. WInOnA, Mn Booth #807 Custom silicone Components Albright Technologies manufactures custom medical device components molded from silicone. When requested, molding takes place in a hardwall cleanroom that is certifed to IsO Class 7 standards. The company focuses primarily on delivering silicone prototypes quickly but also offers capabilities in volume production. The IsO 13485–certifed service provider is equipped to help customers with silicone material selection, component design, mold design, design for manufacturing, and scalable molding methods. ■ Albright technologies leOMInsTeR, MA Booth #700 MPMN ANNIVERSARY PROFILES TH MPMN ANNIVERSARY PROFILES TH COMPANY DESCRIPTION For over 25 years, medical device companies the world over have turned to Microspec for medical tubing that challenges the limits of extrusion technology. From concept to commercialization, Microspec has built a global reputation for extruding some of the smallest, most complex, and tightest toleranced tubing in the industry. Microspec's mission is to supply innovative extrusion technology to the technologically advancing and changing medical device market. Microspec extrudes most thermoplastic elastomers and engineering resins, including Polyurethanes, Pebax/Nylons, PEEK, Polysulfone, Ultem, FEP and other fluoropolymers, and Custom Compounds. TECHNICAL SERVICES: • Small prototype extrusion runs to high volume commercial runs • Close working relationships with customers • Product validation services--OQ, PQ, and PPAP • Raw material and product testing • Annealing services • In-house machine shop EXTRUSION CAPABILITIES: • Single and Multi-lumen Tubing • Tri-Extrusions • Bump Tubing • Co-Extrusions • Multi-layered Extrusions • Micro-Extrusions • Over-Extrusions • Fully Encapsulated Stripes • Solid Core Guide Wire Coating • Profile Extrusions • New Concepts Microspec Corporation Company Information Microspec Corporation 327 Jaffrey Road Peterborough, NH 03458 USA Phone: 603-924-4300 Fax: 603-924-4310 Email: Web Site: See us at BIOMEDevice Boston Booth #701 MPMN ANNIVERSARY PROFILES TH For over two decades, Medical Extrusion Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in custom tubing extrusions from custom paratubing, profiles, ribbons, beading, etc. tubing extrusions from most t h e r m o p l a s t i c resins. Excelling in smaller, multi- lumen configurations and single lumens to 1.00" our thermoplastic process capabilities include all polyethylenes, polypropylenes, EVA, metallocenes, PVC, thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethane, nylon, Pebax®, ABS, butyrate, PET, polycarbonate, polysulfone, PES, FEP heat shrink tubing, FEP scored tubing, ETFE, and PVDF. Producing close tolerance profiles in both single and multi-lumen geometries, in either engineering study lot sizes or for production volumes. IN-HOUSE TOOLING At Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc., we are able to produce tubing specifically for your application as a result of our in-house tooling capabilities. • TUBING • IN-HOUSE TOOLING • ENGINEERING CONSULTING • CLOSE TOLERANCE EXTRUSIONS Medical Extrusion Technologies, Inc. MPMN ANNIVERSARY PROFILES TH Company Information Medical Extrusion Technologies, Inc. 26608 Pierce Circle Murrieta, CA 92562, USA Toll Free: 800-618-4346 Phone: 951-698-4346 Fax: 951-698-4347 E-mail: Web Site: See us at BIOMEDevice Boston Booth #344

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