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Plastic Packages The medical packaging specialist Rose Plastic USA L.P. develops, manufactures, and sells intelligent plastic packaging products for the medical engineering, healthcare, and diagnostics markets. Customers can choose the most appropriate solution from a diverse standard offering of tubes, boxes, cassettes, and cases. Alternatively, the manufacturer can work with customers to develop packaging that meets their own special requirements. ■ Rose Plastic UsA L.P. CALIFORNIA, PA Booth #749 Laser-Based material Processing Specializing in the manufacture of close-tolerance medical components, MeKo Laser Material Processing uses optimized laser-based production procedures to produce cuts and holes with dimensions as small as 10 μm and a measurement accuracy of ±5 μm. It laser-cuts stents, heart valve frames, and other products from stainless steels, nitinol, and such bioresorbable substances as magnesium and polymers. Cut components can be processed further using such fnishing processes as electropolishing, annealing, and mechanical treatments, after which the service provider performs cleaning and fnal inspection. Offering R&D capabilities, the laser processor has developed in-house a magnesium alloy for the production of resorbable stents, a nickel- and cobalt-free alloy for cardiovascular implants, surface modifcations that improve the adhesion of coatings to components, and a technology that optimizes the crimp behavior of stents made from the cobalt alloy L605. ■ meKo Laser material Processing SARSTEDT, GERMANy Booth #536 Refuse to Let Design Fall Flat Get a free thermoplastic Design Cube at Proto Labs is the world's fastest manufacturer of prototypes and low-volume parts. To help illustrate the design challenges encountered with injection molding, we created the Design Cube. See thin and thick sections, good and bad bosses, knit lines, sink and other elements that impact the moldability of parts. © 2015 Proto Labs, Inc. | | 877.479.3680 Major Credit Cards Accepted | ISO 9001:2008 Certifi ed | ITAR Registered See us at BIOMEDevice Boston Booth #814 Content Licensing for Every Marketing Strategy Marketing solutions ft for: t Outdoor t Direct Mail t Print Advertising t5SBEFTIPX101%JTQMBZT t4PDJBM.FEJB t3BEJP5FMFWJTJPO Logo Licensing | Reprints | Eprints | Plaques For more information, call Wright's Media at 877.652.5295 or visit our website at Leverage branded content from Medical Product Manufacturing News to create BNPSFQPXFSGVMBOETPQIJTUJDBUFETUBUFNFOUBCPVUZPVSQSPEVDUTFSWJDF PSDPNQBOZJOZPVSOFYUNBSLFUJOHDBNQBJHO$POUBDU8SJHIUT.FEJB UPöOEPVUNPSFBCPVUIPXXFDBODVTUPNJ[FZPVSBDLOPXMFEHFNFOUTBOE SFDPHOJUJPOTUPFOIBODFZPVSNBSLFUJOHTUSBUFHJFT

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