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q m e d . C o m / m P m n M e D I C A l P R o D U C T M A N U F A C T U R I N g N e W S M A R C h / A P R I l 2 0 1 5 1 1 equipment Control Cable The fully recyclable 300-V ecoCable Mini communication cable from Alpha Wire employs modifed polyphenylene ether (mPPe) insulation and jacketing. The mPPe thermoplastic is lighter than PVC, yet the smaller cables made from it can provide performance comparable to that of larger PVC cables. This medical device and equipment cable operates within a temperature range of –40° to 80°C; contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals; and comes with fve shielding options. Its eMI/RFI- shielding system is suitable for medical device power- and signal-transmission interconnects. ■ Alpha Wire elIzABeTh, NJ Booth #450 Parylene Coating material The Surface Technologies Division of Curtiss-Wright offers a parylene material for conformally coating implantable medical devices, fexible elastomeric devices such as catheters and seals, medical electronic devices, and medical wire products such as mandrels and stylets. Meeting USP Class VI and ISo 10993 specifcations for biocompatibility and exhibiting a purity level of 99.7%, the coating material is transparent and pinhole free, with a consistent thickness that is critically controlled. This parylene is chemically inert, nontoxic, and impervious to e-beam, gamma, eto, and autoclave sterilization processes. It conforms precisely to contours in an ultrathin layer that penetrates deeply into crevices, protecting the device against incursions from chemicals, moisture, and body fuids. ■ Curtiss-Wright, surface technologies div. KATY, Tx Booth #510 optical thickness Gauge Bristol Instruments Inc. provides the 157-series noncontact optical thickness gauge for medical device manufacturers that require accurate and precise thickness information while they develop and manufacture products made from transparent and semitransparent materials. The instrument employs optical interferometer–based technology to measure the wall thickness of balloon catheter elements, the wall thickness and inner and outside diameters of precision glass tubing, the center thickness and sagittal height of intraocular and contact lenses, and the single- or multilayer thickness of plastic flms and adhesives. It can measure absolute thickness with an accuracy of ±0.1 µm and repeatability of ±0.02 µm. offering straightforward installation and operation, the gauge is available with a fber-optic switch that allows as many as eight test stations to be linked to a single instrument. ■ Bristol Instruments Inc. VICToR, NY Booth #627 Portable Imaging system development Focusing on design for manufacturing and assembly and the practical application of electronics hardware and software, enercon Technologies provides medical electronic product development, contract manufacturing, and related value-added services. An example of the ISo 13485–certifed company's contract capabilities is supplied by a head-mounted, battery-operated portable vascular imaging system it developed to enable physicians to visualize and observe a patient's subcutaneous vasculature system in real time. To achieve this end, it employed technologies developed for other industries, including high-intensity light-emitting diodes, miniature high- resolution cameras, and high-capacity rechargeable battery chemistries. The system features a lightweight molded plastic housing with user controls and an adjustable display screen. ■ enercon technologies gRAY, Me Booth #1000 +1.603.924.4300 • 327 JAFFREY RD • PETERBOROUGH, NH 03458 • USA ___________________________________________________ _ medical extrusions Scan with your SmartPhone PLEASE CONTACT US at and we will be happy to speak with you in detail about your extrusion project. You may also speak directly to our regional outside Manufacturers' Sales Representatives in your area: U.S. Western & Gulf Coast States: Diablo Sales e: • t: +1.925.648.1611 U.S. East Coast: Symphony Sales e: • t: +1.410.736.0143 International: e: • t: +1.603.924.4300 SINGLE AND MULTI-LUMEN TUBING BUMP TUBING • CO-EXTRUSIONS MICRO-EXTRUSIONS • PROFILE EXTRUSIONS SOLID CORE GUIDE WIRE COATING TRI-EXTRUSIONS • MULTI-LAYERED EXTRUSIONS FULLY ENCAPSULATED STRIPES OVER-EXTRUSIONS • NEW CONCEPTS FOR OVER 25 YEARS, medical device companies the world over have turned to Microspec for medical tubing that challenges the limits of extrusion technology. Microspec extrudes most thermoplastic elastomers and engineering resins, as well as fluoropolymers including FEP, and custom compounds. Contact Microspec with your extrusion challenge — we'll create a solution. redefining the limits of extrusion technology... ISO 9001:2008 See us at BIOMEDevice Boston Booth #701

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